The Colmar Originals installation
Edition 101
On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of Filson, WP Lavori in Corso announces the license and European distribution of the brand made in USA, as well as the acquisition of a 10% share, with a special event -- on Wednesday, January 12, at 5 pm, within the Sala dell'Arco (by invitation only) -- featuring a blend of music, entertainment, food, unique pieces in the Filson style, a brand that represents one of the most authentic expressions of the made in USA craft tradition.
Filson is the leading manufacturer of must-have items for outdoor enthusiasts. It is the brand of choice for fishermen, engineers and explorers, sailors and miners and anyone who loves the outdoors. Filson boasts an incredible design heritage based on functionality and durability, consolidated over the many decades of its long history.