21 - 23 February 2021

Philip Huang

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Brand Profile

Philip Huang produces clothing that merges indigenous knowledge from artisans in the Northeast of Thailand with contemporary design to create versatile modern clothing with an artisanal touch. Using plant-based natural dyes, organic fibers, hand-made textiles and accessories, we draw from the land whilst making clothes for today and the future. A commitment to sustainability is at the core of our business, centered around the preservation of craft in communities we work with such as the “Indigo Grandmas” of Sakon Nakhon whose knowledge of deriving natural dye from indigo plants and other natural materials such as red earth and Pradu (rosewood) has been passed on for many generations. Our design philosophy is to hero traditional and ecological fabrics and natural dyes of the highest quality possible in capsule collections, evolving seasonally with the introduction of new dyes and patterns, reducing textile waste associated with traditional fashion cycles. In our labs in Brooklyn and Bangkok we experiment to refine and discover new techniques through constant dialogue and collaboration with dyers and weavers and also sharing of the knowledge globally in digital and physical workshops.