21 - 23 February 2021

Voile Blanche

Brand Profile

In 2004 Falc created the first Voile Blanche collection, ultra-light shoes inspired by the world of sailing. Right from the very first model, made of sailcloth - also known as Dacron – Voile Blanche was characterized by a contemporary linear style, and continuous attention to detail. Voile Blanche is a purveyor of specially designed and thoughtfully curated shoes and objects. The spirit of the brand is to obtain inspiration from people, without limits of age or origin, while respecting styles and attitudes. Following just one rule: continuous search for tailored quality and constant attention to craftsmanship. With over forty years of experience in the production of footwear, passing on its know-how from one generation to the next with passion, Voile Blanche keeps the flag of true Italian style high. The philosophy of the brand is to accompany all those who want to be original, and who are conscious of design, craftmanship and materials. The Voile Blanche style is simple and elegant, with contaminated urban atmospheres that pervade both our daily lives and special occasions. Voile Blanche represents a constantly evolving, unconventional and contemporary lifestyle.


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