16 July - 9 October 2020


Duvetica, the premium padding shaped by timeless Italian spirit

The Duvetica identity is a timeless style and shaped by premium Italian padding. It is the story of an unorthodox normality; an idiosyncratic take on ‘the generic’, crafted over years to appear effortlessly unpretentious, yet upon closer inspection it is ingeniously personal and unique with a constant eye on digitalization.
It is style beyond fashion.
The soul of the brand is reflected in Duvetica’s collections. The creation of each collection starts from researching materials, shapes, and colors that express a contemporary reinterpretation according to the brand vision. The collections are always up-to-date and fresh with details to render each garment a unique and timeless piece. Beyond the main collections, Duvetica features special projects like collaborations, limited- edition products, patterns or color palettes, personalization or customization elements, or new accessories.

To interpret contemporary style through a uniquely Italian perspective with lighthearted sense of humor and boundless curiosity.

Duvetica can challenge consumers perspective by stepping out of ‘the ordinary’ and express its personality through digitalized storytelling with an Italian Spirit. The three key methodologies are: Storytelling, Italianicity and Digitalization.

Duvetica is a Storyteller

A Curious Celebration of “Italianicity”

Duvetica are Digital Natives

Duvetica, the premium padding shaped by timeless Italian spirit


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