16 July - 9 October 2020


Myar's story

MYAR is born out of an obsessive observation with what people are wearing on the street and the manner in which it all connects back to army clothing. Army life is about belonging to a group with a unique set of values and commands. MYAR bring together different individuals from all walks of life under one common passion for vintage army gear, to the point that it becomes a dress code. Within the military dress code every single garment is an individual story of function, design, color, pattern, material and fabric composition. MYAR commitment is to bring back to life past used military garments that have been stocked for long time in darkened warehouse, bringing back the light in the present time, for a second life in a civil environment.  The up-cycling process involving MYAR is not only an aesthetic intervention but also a process of historical knowledge: MYAR honors each of these garments with modern interpretations that increase the power of each story by putting the word on the street. From mouth to mouth, and eye to eye, MYAR is the modern interpretation of army styling on the street.


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