16 July - 9 October 2020


Brand Profile

We aim at making youth culture relevant through the craft of Italian knitwear, working with independent Veneto knitters while taking inspiration from our youth-culture. Rooted in the role of music as a cultural driver (“La musica è cultura”), the aesthetic we took as a main reference is that of the Italian “Gioventù Cosmica” (1980-1984). Vitelli inspiration starts from this Italian youth movement and explores the original stile-cosmico- italiano through the filter of the present. We create starting from the feeling of what the cosmic scene stood for, on a constant translation into current style. The italian urgency of “fatto bene” shapes our local manufacturing, while subculture formed our imagery. We commit to sharing our vision with our suppliers, while learning from them, and together discovering new upcycle processes and empowering the Italian knitwear of tomorrow. Since 2019, we experiment with a special needle-punch technique creating our own “fabrics” from production leftovers and others knitters’ waste. This textile-knit hybrid (Doomboh) becomes our canvas for sartorial and semi-artisanal collections, all made between Schio (VI) and Milano where our headquarter is based.


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