Guest Designer at Pitti Uomo 104, Eli Russell Linnetz brings his creativity into the heart of the Fortezza da Basso
Edition 104
The installation at the Central Courtyard by the label ERL
Californian designer Eli Russell Linnetz,  founder and driving spirit of the ERL label, and Guest Designer at this edition of Pitti Uomo, will transform the main courtyard of the Fortezza da Basso into a movie set, referencing a famous Hollywood epic. Blurring the lines between reality and imagination, Eli creates stories in technicolor. It is the world of "Make Believe," of making dreams and intensely believing in them.
The theme this year is “Make Believe” which holds many different meanings for me. The world of “Make Believe” is closely tied to cinema and film-making. Hollywood. Artisans coming together to make magic — making dreams. The willingness of an audience to suspend their disbelief. Also the word “Making” is very important — pitti for me is so deeply connected with the “Making” of garments and craftsmanship.

— Eli Russell Linnetz