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Exhibitors Spotlight:
Marc O'Polo
Edition 101
A Journey to the Land of Marc O’Polo

Exhibitors Spotlight focuses on a selection of brands exhibiting at this year's Pitti Uomo, showcasing their upcoming collections and special upcoming projects.

Marc O’Polo put sustainable practices at the forefront of his eponymous brand long before sustainable fashion became the industry’s favorite buzzword. The label was founded in Stockholm back in 1967 and has built its collections around natural fibers ever since, creating quality pieces that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are environmentally conscious.
It comes as no surprise, then, that this season the brand continues to remain true to its roots. It’s “a collection that equally represents [our] heritage and future,” the Marc O’Polo team tells us. Here, chunky fabrics with exciting structures meet futuristic outwear, fusing fashion and technology. Each piece is a statement in its own right. “Wide silhouettes ensure modernity. High contrasts characterize the color world. Sustainable innovations underpin our connection to nature.”
When we discuss the inspiration for FW22, the brand responds, “We are a tribe of humans from the land of Marc O’Polo, a home of ease. Where freedom of identity lies in the roots of our nature. We are connected to our past yet look to the future with curiosity and optimism. We do not accept the things we cannot change, but rather change the things we cannot accept. We make more out of less and strive to become better every day. Because in the end, it’s on us.”
In regards to what becoming “better” looks like in practice, it means the brand is constantly seeking solutions to develop increasingly low-impact products. Currently, it’s crafting outerwear made from recycled PET bottles that were collected in coastal regions and then filled RDS-certified down. Marc O’Polo also employs an “innovative dyeing practice” that uses less water and harmful chemicals than traditional dying solutions. It has also partnered with Manteco, a sustainable European manufacturer and wool recycler, on a selection of wide-legged trousers and a range of oversized shirts.
“We have teamed with Native Union for a unique and forward-thinking project,” the brand continues, speaking about its other exciting projects. It’s “a fusion of textile and technology, of sustainable design and Scandinavian zeitgeist. A collection consisting of functional outerwear, bags, and a series of sweat and jersey products. Special functions on the products make it possible to connect, disconnect or store Native Union tech gadgets at any time. Progressive, sustainable, and urban.”