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Exhibitors Spotlight: Closed
Edition 99
Winter 2021 & Sustainability

Thanks to the extraordinary grant of the
ICE Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy

Main Sponsor Unicredit S.p.A.  
Pensata per il lavoro, il relax e il divertimento, la collezione AI 21 di Closed esprime il piacere del comfort

La serie Exhibitors Spotlight è dedicata a una selezione di marchi di riferimento che partecipano a questa edizione di Pitti Uomo, presentando le loro nuove collezioni e i progetti speciali su cui stanno lavorando.

Fondato nel 1978 dagli stilisti francesi Marithé e François Girbaud, l'iconico marchio di jeans Closed custodisce una visione unica delle silhouette in denim. Conosciuto per i suoi modelli super rilassati con un caratteristico stonewash vintage, il brand ha avuto un forte impatto sullo stile hip-hop negli anni '90 e '00.
Generally, we now spend more time indoors than ever, which consequently allows us more time to roam and discover a personal sense of home in nature. Closed’s FW 21 collection pushes towards clothing with a comfortable and versatile approach, exemplifying a fusion of work, rest, and play.
Artists and their work form a large part of the inspiration for the collection. Channeling the paintings of Belgian artist Michaël Borremans, the first drop adopts his approach towards colors, interpreting soft multilayering in tonal shades and tactile imagery. 
The choice of textiles and warm colors display a painterly quality. German artist Jochen Klein provides sublime inspiration via romantic painting, ushering in a mood of light and easiness. For the second drop, Closed drew from the essence community, the natural choice of people we gather around us. 
The pieces feature a relaxed vibe - pants with a soft indoor approach, brushed stretch cotton, voluminous qualities, and upgraded Italian woven wool.

The denim collection features large parts of organic cotton, recycled materials, and eco-friendly techniques.
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