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Karl Lagerfeld
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Karl Lagerfeld’s Longtime Personal Assistant Sébastien Jondeau Releases New Memoir

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Sébastien Jondeau was the longtime personal assistant to the late Karl Lagerfeld, and acts as the menswear ambassador to the legendary designer’s namesake brand.
Jondeau shares incredible memories with the international fashion icon in a new book, Ça va, cher Karl?, which chronicles his life alongside one of fashion’s most emblematic figures for more than 20 years.

We speak to Jondeau on his role as brand ambassador, what we can hope to discover in the book, his FW21 edit, and more.

What pushed you to publish your book Ça va, cher Karl?, and what can readers hope to find in it?
With this book, I wanted to share my story with the world, inspire young people, and let them know there is always hope. I had the chance to cross paths with Karl Lagerfeld and this book is my testimony of the real life of Karl Lagerfeld and how incredible life was next to him.
What was life like as Karl Lagerfeld’s personal assistant for over 20 years?
Working for more than 20 years with Karl taught me everything I know about culture, art, and of course fashion, but the memories I cherish the most are the simple moments I was lucky enough to share with him, such as discussing life or going to the McDonald’s drive-through together.

What does it mean to be the KARL LAGERFELD menswear ambassador?
Being the KARL LAGERFELD ambassador means a lot to me. I’ve been working with the brand for more than 10 years now, first as a model and then as brand ambassador.
As I love the collections, the coolest job is to endorse the pieces! I have a strong, long-standing relationship with the teams I work closely with, and I am very to have an everyday exchange of ideas and inspirations between the teams and I, to bring the light on the collection.

Travelling has always been a big part of your life. What makes a place special to you, so that you keep going back, again and again?
A special place to me is where I feel like I’m home. There are three places I can call home in the world. Paris, because I was born and raised there, it’s my hometown, I’ll be a Parisian forever. Saint Tropez, which I discovered with Karl in 2005, we spent all our summers there for 14 years and I have the best memories of my life have been in Saint-Tropez. And finally, St Barts, which is my favorite place in the world. The first time I landed there 20 years ago, I thought it was paradise on earth. I fell in love with the island immediately.
What draws you to Pitti, year after year?
What I love the most about Pitti is the atmosphere. It’s the best place to discuss new trends, meet with designers, touch new fabrics, search for new products and innovations — I’m always very excited to attend because I know I will learn a lot there. It’s also a great opportunity for me to represent the brand and welcome the fashion industry leaders into the world of KARL LAGERFELD.

Can you walk us through your FW21 edit and explain the vision behind your selection?
I picked three key elements for a perfect winter wardrobe. I have selected the white 'transformer' down jacket — it’s cool, versatile, and I love the silhouette.
I don’t usually wear colorful suits, but I’ve changed my mind with the collections Fall shades. I can’t wait to wear this suit this Fall hopefully at a fashion event.
My last pick is a soft leather jacket that can be worn just as well with a pair of jeans as with a tuxedo. It’s a rocky and timeless wardrobe essential.

How would you describe your personal style?
Working with Karl for more than 20 years, suits became my uniform. I would say my style is still very eclectic. I can wear sportswear in the morning, a sweater and a pair of jeans in the afternoon, and a very sophisticated tuxedo at night. This was my day-to-day style with Karl, and it still is today.

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