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Back to the origins and nature centered.
Save The Duck presents its upcoming collection as the true alternative to sustainable parka.
Edition 99
Ritorno alle origini e alla natura.
HYBRIDS The brand returns to its origins above all with the iconic pieces, redesigned to create interaction and integration of elements, generating hybrids to consolidate both tradition and innovation. FOUR ELEMENTS Once again, nature is the constant source of inspiration, and the collection continues the theme of innovation, this time by means of four of nature’s principal elements: earth, fire, air and water. Contact with the natural environment and its elements leads to a quest for colours and textiles that bring out the essence of the factors involved in biodiversity.
Fire thus becomes synonymous of heat and thermal efficiency, hallmarking garments that are capable of providing protection in extreme conditions (down to -20°C) and that are expressed in a chromatic range of colours such as red, pink and purple.
Air evokes lightness, the comfort of soft lines and gently-draping textiles such as knitwear; in this case the choice of colour palette is ethereal and delicate, from ice to light blue, reaching more intense shades of blue.
Water slides off waterproof garments and items made in Gore-Tex, without leaving a trace of its passage: the textiles remain dry, and the surfaces underneath stay intact; turquoise and shades of light blue are again the fundamental colours of some of the garments inspired by the element water, but there are also greys and the cooler greens
Earth sums up Save The Duck’s commitment to the planet to perfection, with important concepts linked to ecology, recycling and environmental sensitivity. The earth element denotes a range of garments manufactured by recycling plastic and other waste materials, and it includes biodegradable garments. Shades of green, yellow and brown enhance forms and comply with the principles of an elemental type of fashion, based on tangible concepts.
Pro-Tech by Save The Duck was inspired by the vegan mountaineers Kuntal Joisher who climbed Everest in 2019 and Mingma Tenzi reaching the top of K2 last January 2021 for the first winter expedition in history, both breaking a true record as they wore a 100% animal-free snowsuit. The suit provided optimum protection at extreme temperatures and at an altitude of above 8,000 metres. The same technology and performance can be found in Pro-Tech collection.
The entire Pro-Tech line is made using Recycled Plumtech®, polyester fibre padding based entirely on recycled materials, including plastic bottles, and 100% recycled PFC-free Gore-Tex, features that hallmark the Save The Duck spirit and that mirror its principal values: protecting the biodiversity of our planet, creating a type of fashion that is as sustainable as possible, offering consumers the chance to choose unique garments.
Within Pro- Tech Loveland is the new capsule collection in cooperation with Griffin Studio. Inspired by nature, with total respect for the environment and for familiar wonders. Loveland is also a timeless space, situated in the Hartland peninsula of the United Kingdom, and more specifically in the nature reserve forming part of the UNESCO North Devon Biosphere.
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