Briglia 1949, when the trouser is the protagonist of the look
Edition 99
Stylish and high-quality details define the collection created from an abundance of passion, tradition and Italian savoir-faire.
Tradition and innovation in production and style. The fall-winter 21/22 collection of Briglia 1949 confirms the principles at the heart of the brand of sartorial trousers founded in 2012 from the passion for style of Michele Carillo and his family.
Created for men who are aware of their own elegance and who love attention to detail, on stage are classic trousers with American pockets on the front and double piped back pockets. Made from a blend of premium wool and with a regular cut, they guarantee softness and comfort. There are then trousers with a sportier style, with soft lines, large pockets on the front and drawstrings at the waist. Characterized by a regular cut, they give an informal touch of elegance to the casual outfit. 
«The constant search for perfection makes our garments high performance on every occasion», explains Michele Carillo. Among the materials, in addition to wool, there is a return to velvet, the iconic fabric for being elegant and casual at the same time. 
The chromatic palette ranges from burnished browns to the coldest beige tones and the lightest or darkest greys. 
Michele takes the Carillo family’s twenty-plus years of experience in creating men’s sartorial pieces and directs it into this entrepreneurial reality which, thanks to intuition, craft workmanship, style and a modern and dynamic company profile has immediately become a point of reference on the international panorama of high-end menswear. Exported around the world, in addition to Italy, Briglia 1949 lines are available in over 500 stores worldwide