Style Notes
Classic Soul, Modern Twist
Edition 99
Far from the excesses of being trendy at all costs and from the clichés of the codified formal: the relaxed elegance of the new Italian menswear is conscious and devoted to the everyday. Loyal to the craftsmanship and Made in Italy values, the mantra is to experiment, with moderation and good taste, new declinations of classic must-haves. Through fabrics, fits, and treatments, but also prints with sophisticated color mixes.
Antonio Barbuto
Trousers are a key element of the men's wardrobe. An exceptional palette expresses the sporty and refined variations of Italian design. High-end materials such as wool, 100% cashmere, silk, linen fabrics, finished with the greatest attention to detail. The collection features precious trims in crocodile, lizard, python leather, and luxury accessories.
Warmth and softness enhance cozy and enveloping garments. The focus is on customization and attention to detail for a collection that is a tribute to the Made in Italy sartorial tradition. Alongside new experimental shapes and combinations: reversible garments, fine fibers such as cashmere and angora matched with shearling and suede.
B Settecento

Design, quality, and commercial appeal. A line of trousers that is an expression of stylistic excellence and Italian manufacturing talent. Backed by a solid entrepreneurial experience and over 35 years of history. The brand is securing itself a role in the smart casual style scene.

A brand strongly linked to Tuscan tradition, capable of renewing itself while maintaining a stand-out taste for the renowned Made in Italy production. Aimed at a young audience with a focus on quality.
Natural, made in Italy footwear, following the tradition of master shoemakers. Unique designs combine classic and sporty style, in their different variants, bringing innovations to each line. The brand's heritage is made up of uncompromising skills and quality.
Camouflage Ar and J
Nature dictates the season's mood: the warm tones of amber, aniseed, brick red, and deep green recall the magic of autumn leaves. The fabrics feature precious fibers such as cashmere, but also modal and lyocell, enhancing comfort and performance. Alongside the denim capsule, a new line of tailored trousers in fine wools and timeless patterns.
Casheart Made in Italy
Only noble and precious raw materials: combed and carded yarns, alongside first-class cashmere. Fifty years of experience reflect on the meticulous washing, finishing, ironing. In the historic Agliana headquarters, the expert staff ensures constant control of the production process, guaranteeing quality.
Fabrizio Lesi
A collection of meticulously handcrafted leather pieces. Belts, small leather goods, and bags, created according to the made in Italy tradition. A high-end artisan leather goods brand, Fabrizio Lesi expresses the founder's identity and his inspiration, affirming his Italian character on the international market.
Fefé – Sartorial is better
Sumptuous silks meet cutting-edge printing techniques, and expert tailors put themselves at the service of ambitious designers. It is all-Italian magic that transforms the finest yarns into soft scarves, foulards and whimsical ties, refined pocket squares, and small porte-bonheur accessories. The rule is simple: follow the Made in Italy mantra.
Timeless accessories suitable for any occasion, from ceremonies to free time: essential to elevate any look, from classic to sporty. Practical and comfortable, Gavazzeni bags express style and personality, adding that extra touch.
Giangi Napoli
The shirt is a menswear symbol with versatile features, adaptable to new variations of fabrics, fits, and treatments. White also combines with black in a fused or geometric version. The prints are dull and come to life in sophisticated mixes of colors. The focus is on overshirts, presented in outerwear-inspired styles and fabrics.
Mon Art Internazionale
Florence, with its beauty, is a fundamental starting point, the basis of a refined product. As in a journey, the contaminations with distant cultures and worlds are disparate, with references to the world of architecture, boating, or natural details.
Red Sox
Snow-capped mountains, scents of trees at dawn, and the sound of water flowing in streams create the setting for this story. There is a desire for adventure, determination, passion for life – keywords that describe the new accessories collection by the iconic hosiery company from Parabiago.
Italian elegance and attention to detail. Since 1850, Tesi has been creating hats using the most varied materials, combining respect for its roots and traditional Italian craftsmanship with the evolution