Style Notes
Private Metropolis
Edition 99
A season combining the focus on individuality with technical research. Make room for collections with a smart design capable of expressing different worlds and concepts. No need to choose between style and comfort, easy-care fit and functionality, beauty and sustainability. A look into the future that increasingly connects high-end and customized solutions to the new generation of outerwear.
A concept dedicated to universal travelers and their lifestyle with a strong identity. Starting from an outerwear matrix, the collection unfolds through contemporary jackets and pieces featuring technical solutions and functional cuts resulting from a different tailoring approach. The choice of technological fabrics, Italian and Japanese, creates street-minded, rigorous, metropolitan styles.
An independent brand of Red Bull, AlphaTauri aims to enhance the body and mind through a special combination of elements. Innovative and gritty design, pioneering technologies, quality materials for a collection of lightweight, packable and breathable pieces. Cutting-edge techno-fabrics such as Taurex® or Taurobran®, developed in collaboration with Schoeller Textil AG, are combined with the comfort of premium cashmere, merino wool, and soft leather.

From Berlin, new solutions suitable for a complex global world. Next winter, the collection takes these premises to the extreme by presenting unisex garments and a versatile and transversal ready-to-wear concept capable of combining fashion and functionality. The Berlin lifestyle's authentic urban look meets hi-tech features with thermoregulating parkas and antibacterial jackets with integrated laptop sleeves.

A planet of styles designed for the urban consumer. From sport inspirations to more casual and smart models, the collection features a wide range of designs. Sneakers, Chelsea and ankle boots respond to different attitudes, between classic and contemporary. The collection also features technical innovations, with a focus on the winter experience and sustainable practices.
A fusion of iconic leather pieces for men and complex stylistic proposals. Between tradition and research, new creative expressions for a single product that combines nylon and fine leathers, rubberized fabrics and technical nylon with metallic finishes or micro-padding in recycled down.
Vibes is a debut collection that projects itself into the athleisure world. From the kimono to the sweatshirt and the t-shirt, these are versatile and easy-to-wear pieces with character. The focus is on certified organic cotton and other low environmental impact fiber solutions. Unexpected cuts and volumes, precious details, and relaxed fits for young and cosmopolitan consumers, always on the move.
Karl Lagerfeld
From old-time cinema to an ambitious future. It is the journey of a collection that looks at films from the 1920s and 1930s loved by Kaiser Karl, such as Grand Hotel. Art Deco aesthetic combined with contemporary touches and handcrafted details. The mix of glossy and matte materials alternates with the opposition between black and white—iconic elements, rock-chic prints, and monograms, on pieces that blend past, present, and future.
Lardini by Yosuke Aizawa
Contemporaneity, sartorial soul, and untarnished style. This is the DNA of the co-lab between Lardini and Yosuke Aizawa, the Japanese designer known for his projects' technological attitude. The result is an outerwear collection with an advanced design, blending elegance and comfort, wearability, and functionality. The technical concept in terms of fabrics and constructions finds new expressions thanks to the Marche-based brand's style code.
Nira Rubens
Street identity and rock attitude for a project that started with a small Padua-based creative workshop. Shoes, jackets, and bags become exclusive pieces in the expert hands of craftsmen, who personalize them as artist's canvases. An urban and contemporary look that next winter focuses on techno-materials with water repellent coating and total black leather, with studs and contrasting details.
Premium techno-fabrics, cutting-edge constructions, functional details: this is the recipe for pieces made in Nobis. Minimal and voluminous silhouettes are reinvented through new shades such as pine green, clay brown, wheat yellow, terracotta red combined with six nature-inspired prints. Seven new men's pieces match with a unisex gilet, featuring the Embrace™ lamination, a long-lasting water-repellent coating.
Having just celebrated 112 years of activity, Paraboot presents a reinterpretation of some of its most iconic styles, always in-between formal and workwear. Among these, the Michael model is a day shoe with a thick sole suitable for the new gentleman with a British taste. There is no shortage of solid hiking boots.
Seidensticker Studio
New menswear, aimed at a cosmopolitan and globally interconnected community. Behind it, there is the manufacturing know-how of a company specializing in shirts since 1919. The emphasis on character emerges by overcoming occasions of use and gender. Clean aesthetics, minimal labeling, and urban style distinguish a wardrobe to be mixed and matched.
The formal cleanliness of Japanese style, combined with the excellence of Italian craftsmanship and fabrics, and the Polish production technique's rigor. Each garment's padding is made by carefully selecting the best goose down on the market: the Polish one.
Ten C
The key element is OJJ, Original Japanese Jersey, a fabric made with high-density knitted nylon and polyester fibers, wind-resistant and water-repellent. The styles are inspired by military and workwear references, revised in the fit. For colder climates, the Deck Down Parka in Nylon Tactel draws upon the N-3 Flying Jacket, designed for crews in unheated aircraft.