16 July - 9 October 2020


Brand Profile

Gi’n’Gi is an Italian brand born from a Family Tuscan tradition and growing through the expressive innovation of the most classic and timeless accessory: the hat!  

The designers, Francesca and Ginevra, are sisters who cultivate the passion for fashion and craftsmanship within the family business, founded in 1944.  

The Gi'n’Gi creations offer contemporary designs proudly connected to tradition. The production is 100% Made in Italy and each season offers a kaleidoscope of perfect solutions for every taste and personality.  

The shades of the SS 2021 collection are inspired by the warm nuances of the earth and the colder shades of the sky. Panama and straw for the summer bands, while the waterproofed and technical materials are dedicated to summer storms.  

Gi'n’Gi, even in this season, offers models capable of distinguishing themselves with elegance, a fundamental objective of the brand which, in every season, is renewed and evolves through the development and constant study of new forms and materials. 


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