16 luglio - 9 ottobre 2020


Brand Profile

Amidst the Mediterranean, the wind was coming from abeam while the sea spray was stroking the sailor’s face. The subtle smell and breeze of the sea stimulated his vivid imagination. “What if swimwear could also be worn as casual, daily attire?”
At this moment, a truly innovative brand was born. This led to the creation of high-quality, versatile, and esthetic designs. The French fineness behind the clothes ensures a lifetime of satisfaction. We truly believe that quality is and has always been the core behind each and every creation.
The innovative double skin concept and quick- drying 4-way stretch polyamide fabrics provides optimum comfort, making it perfect for water sports, sailing and chilling. The cut and fit are also ideal for after sports social rendezvous in bars or casual restaurants. The double-skin technology’s under layer is so stretchy and light that men can feel comfortable in them all day.
If you are thirsty to find daily functional swimwear edits that are for both sea and land… You’re at the right place. We’ve limited our color palette to ensure the mix and match of our products and essentially, to provide a long-term degree of comfort.


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