Edition 102
11 Ukrainian designers you need to know
The Pitti Discovery Foundation has always been an observatory set on the new protagonists of the international fashion scene and a seismograph that records changes, trends, and needs. And values like inclusiveness, dialogue, hospitality, and solidarity were never as necessary as they are now. For this reason, one of the special projects of this Pitti Uomo - created with the special contribution of the Fondazione CR Firenze - is dedicated to a selection of Ukrainian fashion designers and brands invited to Florence to present their collections.
A dedicated area of the Fortezza da Basso - Arsenale, First Floor - will display the creativity and collections of Bobkova, Gudu, Gunia Project, Guzema, Katerina Kvit, Litkovskaya, Manufacture De Lin, Oberig, Poustovit, Viktor Anisimov, Yulia Yefimtchuk.
As well as a special photographic exhibition by Synchrodogs, an artist duo composed of Roman Noven and Tania Shcheglova that has explored the everlasting tension between nature and man since 2008, with images of raw, animalistic beauty. The duo, with more than 20 solo exhibitions and over 50 group exhibitions worldwide, works in both the art and fashion spheres, pushing boundaries and bringing innovation to each field. NFT artists on SuperRare and Foundation, in 2021 Synchrodogs published the book "Ukraine" with Louis Vuitton.
Here are the brand profiles featured in UKRAINIAN FASHION NOW!:
Gentlewomen, Japanese MasterСut, Confident Femininity. Created by stylist Kristina Bobkova, the brand offers casual clothing that is relevant regardless of the weather and the situation. The iconic garments of the brand stand out because of the discipline of their Japanese cut and for particular attention to technical fabrics and unique finishes featured on shoes, bags, and customized accessories.
Gudu places emphasis on bright, stand-alone looks that require no accessories.
Designer Lasha Mdinaradze likes to experiment with shapes and colors while remaining close to a tailored cut. The brand's concept is to put the woman at the center of the scene, giving her the distinctive right to feel worthy of applause for the simple fact of being herself. Gudu models enhance the body through sensual silhouettes and tailoring: each garment is a sculptural embellishment made with uncompromising quality.
Gunia Project
Brand of decorative objects and fashion accessories, founded in 2019 by Nataliia Kamenska and Maria Gavryluk to rethink traditional Ukrainian craftsmanship and heritage through modern and trendy objects designed for younger consumers. The brand's mission is to preserve the national heritage and tell the whole world about the beauty of Ukraine.
Gunia Project integrates recognizable elements of traditional culture into modern design objects, defining new forms of the Ukrainian style.
Guzema Fine Jewelry
The simplicity of shapes, refined gold with the addition of delicate diamonds, and a touch that has a feminine soul. These elements are the stylistic codes of the brand, launched by the former editor of Elle and presenter Valerie Guzema. Her jewels inspire us to reconnect with our inner selves. The brand blends modern design and meticulous craftsmanship: each piece is handcrafted by a young generation of master jewelers who work in the Guzema atelier in Ukraine.
Katerina Kvit
Wearable, elegant, high-quality garments. These codes are the base of the identity of the brand founded by designer Katerina Kvit in 2010, which offers feminine looks that incorporate simple lines and sophisticated materials. A sport-chic style combines practical and functional garments with a touch of femininity. Perfect tailoring, balancing masculine and feminine.
Through the label of the same name, designer Lilia Litkovskaya reveals how traditions can integrate into a modern context with a commitment to working ethically and sustainably. The brand's claim is "There is no wrong side." This statement reflects in the double-faced outerwear, the reverse denim, and the fact that the inside of garments is always meticulously crafted.
Manufacture de Lin
Founded by two longtime friends, Olga and Tanya, Manufacture de Lin was born out of the desire to create conscious, simple, and beautiful clothing to celebrate the unique qualities of the body and spirit. Garments to be worn daily, with an easy-to-wear style, and colored linen that puts the wearer at ease.
Oberig believes in the power of ancient symbols and ornaments, in timeless Slavic traditions, in their land's beauty, and their people's purity. They believe in the protective and empowering qualities of millennial talismans,  fuelled by nature and countless generations' faith. Preserved and amplified over millennia, this power lives on in jewels: the brand's mission is to bring to life this more profound meaning. The brand's founder is Tetiana Kondratyuk, and all her jewels are made in Ukraine.
Fluid dresses and positive energy define the design and sensuality of Poustovit's creations, combined with aesthetic codes from the Ukrainian tradition and ethno-motifs expressed in the designer's prints. Liliia Poustovit draws inspiration from the works of Ukrainian artists such as Alexandra Exter and Tatiana Yablonska and creates prints in collaboration with contemporary graphic artists such as Pavel Makov. The iconic piece that makes its appearance in each collection is the shirt-dress, which conveys the brand's philosophy by emphasizing the balance between feminine sensuality and masculine vigor.
Viktor Anisimov
A collection designed for those who appreciate exclusive and fashionable proposals without compromising quality or comfort. The brand's aesthetic is a synthesis that combines military styles, a business approach, and sports culture, making the collections unique and exclusive. Viktor Anisimov promotes the idea of ​​creating a universal wardrobe, with different garments compatible with each other and suitable for any circumstance. A collection that minimizes the amount of materials used in garments that are easily combined.

Yulia Yefimtchuk
An unconventional approach to women's fashion and unisex clothing – conceptual, with strong cuts and minimalist elements uniform and workwear-inspired. Yulia Yefimtchuk, the brand's designer, graduated from the Kiev Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts, where she researched the avant-garde movements of the 20th century, which influenced her aesthetics and art. The brand is inspired by a nostalgic feeling for the Soviet Union of the 1920s and 1980s and uses the Cyrillic alphabet. Its standout characteristics are functional and avant-garde clothes, with minimalist cuts and a bold concept behind each piece, produced sustainably with high-quality cotton.