21 - 23 February 2021
A journey through the geography of the fair
Pitti Uomo
The New Classic
— A journey through the evolutions of high range menswear and its design contaminations.
Futuro Maschile
The New Rules of Contemporary Menswear
— It is called Contemporary Classic and it is a formula of male elegance that looks beyond formal wear.
Pop Up Stores
Let Accessories do the Talking
— An across-the-board proposal reserved for lifestyle products for the male wardrobe: eyewear, footwear, bags and travel accessories, as well as design objects.
Hi Beauty
The Beautiful Ones
— An exclusive choice of international brands with their personal and ambient fragrances, body care products, research into cosmetic specialties.
Ultra-Modern Wardrobe
— The most experimental and innovative brands meet where internationality is combined with stylistic research to project them forward.
L'Altro Uomo
Back to the Future
— Discovering the most advanced stylistic avant-garde.
I Go Out
When Fashion Meets Outdoor
— A passion for the outdoors meets the performance of the materials and stylistic research.
Premium Streetstyle & Avant-Garde Research Projects
— A streetstyle with a brash design, luxury details, hi-tech materials.
I Play
Sportswear Takeover
— International DNA for a concept that has moved forward the boundaries of sportswear.
Urban Panorama
We Love Street
— The brashness of the metropolis, its style: this territory is open to anyone with a thirst for freedom, with biker inspiration, selvedge denim and ethnic influences.
My Factory
Youth Generation
— The new expressions of metropolitan culture and their links with technologies, music, art and design.
The Sustainable Style
— On the occasion of Pitti Uomo 98, the online project / special event that turns the spotlight on a selection of men’s fashion designers combining eco-sustainability, production ethics, esthetics, style and business.
Fashion at Work
The world of ready-made menswear
— A selection of Italian and foreign firms that offer customized services to manufacturers: from mannequins to stitch development and prototypes to shopping bags.