Jan-Jan Van Essche
Designer Project of Pitti Immagine Uomo 103
Edition 103
Jan-Jan Van Essche is the Designer Project of the next edition of Pitti Uomo (Florence, 10-13 January 2023). The Belgian designer will be bringing his fluid and essential concept of fashion to Florence at a one-of-a-kind unique event, scheduled on Wednesday, January 11th.
Jan-Jan Van Essche is a reserved yet emblematic figure in contemporary men’s fashion” says to an extent that he would probably be the first to consider superfluous any claims of gender distinction, either to confirm it or decree it has been surpassed. Instead, he is interested in generating, each time, a different version of the same model of elegance and naturalness and transmitting an idea of freedom. Being aware of the privateness of his character and the attention he pays to maintaining the right balance between the content and exhibition of his collections, I was not sure that he would accept our invitation. But he did, something we are very pleased about and which, we hope, will increase interest in his work.

— Lapo Cianchi, director of communication and events at Pitti Immagine

I’m really happy, honored and grateful to be invited by Pitti Uomo to present our work.
This will be our first show ever, so it’s going to be a special event for us in any case. 
To be able to hold this first show in the unique atmosphere of the city of Firenze makes it extra special, something I could have only dreamed of.
We feel very much supported in creating the presentation and are very motivated to make it an unforgettable moment.

— Jan-Jan Van Essche

Jan-Jan Van Essche – BIO
The human collective culture remains an endless inspiration for Jan-Jan Van Essche to create new garments with each new design a genuine attempt to open up new perspectives and to push conflicting dialogues forward into unification.
Jan-Jan Van Essche continuously aims to develop new insights on contemporary yet effortless male and genderless elegance. 
The conventional silhouette is amplified, so that each individual garment literally leaves room for interpretation, engendering openness. Unlike classic Western approach to confine and shape the body, Jan-Jan provides the body the luxury and freedom to shape the garment.
Jan-Jan Van Essche is born in Antwerp, Belgium, where he has his design studio. He's a 2003 graduate of the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts.
In June 2010 Jan-Jan Van Essche launched his eponymous label with COLLECTION#1 – ‘YUKKURI’, Japanese for ‘take it easy’ or ‘step by step’.
This title also became his intrinsic and conceptual approach to contemporary wardrobes as a designer.
The Show