At Pitti Uomo 106 a slight increase of foreign buyers. In total around 11,500 buyers and more than 15,000 visitors. 
Edition 106
Germany, The Netherlands and central and northern European markets are growing, France, USA and UK confirm the numbers, Asia consolidates a recovery. An expected decrease for Italian buyers.
A few hours after the conclusion of this 106th edition, the number of overall attendance is reaching 11,500 buyers, with a foreign percentage of 46%. In total, visitors to the Fortezza da Basso exceed 15,000.
The first data on the final turnout  indicate that after the large increase of the last June, 20% over 2022, foreign buyers recorded a slight growth, reaching 5,300 unit. The confirmation of international buyers - those who make the market and indicate the direction - are important indicators for exhibitors, they give confidence and perspective. The number of Italian attendees, however, does not confirm the results of 2023, they decreased by 7%, but I must say that this was widely expected, considering the closure of many shops in the last two, three years and the less than dynamic trend of internal consumption. The idea circulating among professionals and commentators is that - counting on a relative easing of geopolitical tensions and on stimulus to the economy by economic and monetary institutions - we must wait until 2025 for a decisive recovery. 

The quality of attendance is high there are the best, motivated and with the aim on making customers return to their shops and department stores. It is therefore worth highlighting, beyond the confirmation of France, the United States and the UK, the growth of central and northern Europe (Germany at +15% and around 680 buyers in the Fortezza, very good performances by The Netherlands, Austria, Belgium and the Baltic countries) , the surprising increase in Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria), the consolidation of the Asian recovery (also for newcomers such as Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Mongolia) and the exploits of key markets such as Turkey and Kazakhstan.

— Raffaello Napoleone, CEO of Pitti Immagine

The 15 foreign markets most present at Pitti Immagine Uomo 106 are, in order:
Germany, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain, Japan, Turkey, United States, France, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Poland, South Korea, Russia and China.
This is also a season that must be faced with confidence and courage in a conscious way and, together, with the same energy as always. I am happy first of all for my colleagues, who have proposed collections of great quality, in terms of manufacturing, new materials and style: Pitti Uomo, at its 106th edition, once again represents the stimulus to present itself at its best, to innovate, to confirm itself as leader. Naturally we cannot hide the difficult situation of the Italian market. It is true that high-level Italian distribution - the specialized shops that set trends and are therefore the destination of visits and analyzes by foreign colleagues from all over the world - is present without defections, but the problem is the weak dynamics of the internal consumption. We must all reflect and understand how to open a new phase of growth and trust: business and labor representatives, the Italian government, European institutions... The Pitti team is inexhaustible in carrying out research and scouting, providing services to professionals, designing special events and find strong way to communicate. But all of us, starting with myself, know how far there is still to go. Florence also responds in its own way: with the locations, its people, the atmosphere, the voices... that is, all that vitality that is essential for any event based on human relationships.

— Antonio De Matteis, president of Pitti Immagine

An edition of Pitti Uomo which also saw a rich calendar of events take place, in the Fortezza and in the city, with great participation and attention from the over 1,000 journalists and media professionals who arrived in Florence. Starting from the special opening event by Paul Smith, the fashion show by Guest Designer Marine Serre, the presentation with the debut of Plan C menswear collection and the first ever fashion show by Pierre-Louis Mascia.
And then the many debuts, launches and previews, the celebrations of this edition, in which internationality was also a distinctive feature of the many collaborations and special projects – Scandinavian Manifesto, J Quality, China Wave – successfully presented by Pitti Immagine in Fortezza.