21 - 23 February 2021

Andrea Ventura Firenze

Brand Profile

Audacity and elegance are the forces that drive Andrea Ventura Firenze towards the bright future of men’s fashion. An ironic and unpredictable brand made with finely crafted leather and proposed in surprising and refined colours.
Andrea Ventura Firenze is beauty and comfort. A brand that knows how to value the art of Italian footwear.
Youthful-formal elegance and comfort are the characteristics that best represent the Andrea Ventura Firenze brand.
The shoes harmoniously adapt to the feet and positively respond to all of the necessities of daily life and work. 
Those who wear these shoes are flooded with pleasurable sensations of comfort and well-being. A luxurious effect of the highest quality materials and skilled craftsmanship that have succeeded in shaping a product which is elegant, unique, and supreme. 
Andrea Ventura Firenze shines the spotlight on the culture of the “handcrafted”.


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