21 - 23 February 2021


Contactless Approval

APRVD secures a wearable aesthetic that combines the utilitarian energy of street style upholding the highly qualified production experiences from the family business over the decades in S. KOREA. APRVD spreads out its word, “contactless approval” that means sharing conversational topics toward the international fashion market.

APRVD dates back to 2010, when the Family business opened the fashion production chain in Incheon, S. Korea originally selling woven clothing specialized sportswear as a vendor of the multinational household names such as ADIDAS. So, the 2nd generation of this family, a designer - former graphic artist-would like to challenge as its own independent labels. So the sportswear company teamed up with the London- based creatives aiming to evolve the progressive approach in tailoring and production.

Having already previously decided to remove himself from the traditional sportswear industries’ style, the designer is changing the styles with the message what the brand cares about. Inspiration and reflection by the social & cultural issues is the crucial idea for each season’s theme of the brand. So, the brand is the communicative channel and playground for the customer and friends.


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