21 - 23 February 2021

Blauer Usa

Blauer USA, since 1936

Blauer USA is the clothing brand that treasures and renews the traditions of American outerwear. Founded in Boston in 1936 to supply technical garments to the police, the navy and other military coprs, today Blauer reinterprets the concept of uniform for the fashion market, to suit men and women that are independent, cosmopolitan and sensitive to quality, authenticity and performing materials.

An American Story
The story of Blauer  is linked to American dream.  Founded by Louis Blauer  in 1936, in its early years the firm sewed and sold raincoats  and sports garments for department stores in the Boston area. 
In the 50s, Blauer  began to produce  its own garments,  developing a light grey waterproof jacket for military use. commissioned to be produced in navy blue, it soon became the official jacket  after Massachusetts Police and was later adopted by the army the marines and air force. 
Research into materials,  solutions and cuts for both men's and women's garments  let the firm to open more factories,  as the best  manufacturer of uniforms for public services. it retains this position of leadership today.
In 2001,  Italian fashion holding company FGF  industry signed a licensing agreement with Blauer to introduce the brand onto the fashion market.  Enzo Fusco,  the founder and creative director of FGF,  become by selecting and carefully reconstructing Blauer garments in order to reinterpret the brand’s essence and characteristics in a contemporary, urban style.
2017 saw the founding of the Italian-American firm  BMF (Blauer World fashion), with FGF acquiring 50% ownership of the brand.


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