21 - 23 February 2021


Brand Profile

Duren is a men's brand with the concept of "inner sexually attractive".
Story of the brand
2013 Founded by Producer Masaaki Matsukawa & Designer Kohei Okamoto. First collection announced in Italy and Paris
2018 Opened the first store in Marais, Paris, France
2019 Open concept store in local Kyoto
Collection timeline
Crinkle Leather period 2013~; Brand standard designed with original shape memory material made by crimping thin cowhide and aluminum foil.
Jeter period 2019~; A series featuring street art with icons of world designer brands and luxury maison icons
Emergence period 2020SS; A series that depicts the process of being reborn from a pupa to an adult. 3D design with sketches still in the image stage
Cloudy Leather period 20.21AW; A series of small leather goods made from a material clouded by waxing. Characterized by a paradoxical design that the more you use it, the more beautiful it becomes Hug Leather period 20.21AW; A combination of the same low-resilience mat as Tempur mat and Nappa leather.


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