21 - 23 February 2021


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Brand Profile

The original name should have been “TELA FORTE”, that means “strong canvas”, but then became just one word resulting from the union of the two original words: that’s how FORTELA was born.

FORTELA presents menswear collections featuring jackets, vests and pants, with an authentic flavor and high quality details. All garments are tailored exclusively in Italy with the collaboration of expert Japanese craftsmen.

FORTELA brings together tailoring at its finest, ultraItalian style, ultra-Italian tradition and top-quality fabrics – some of which are especially created on antique Japanese looms, others from genuine army surplus and non-military stock.

The result: an array of totally unique fabrics and tailoring and items that you won’t find anywhere else in the world, timeless garments made to become iconic.

Alessandro Squarzi

Alessandro Squarzi is an enterpreneur and a fanatic for Italian tailoring, Japanese textiles and vintage fabrics tracked down with passion from around the world.

In his own words, FORTELA “is born from my culture, my passions and my DNA; I could not find anyone around who offered a quality product as I mean it, only products for the large mass and with little quality. Fortela instead is meant for men with great culture, who don’t need to wear strongly branded garments. Fortela proposes iconic garments for the male wardrobe, timeless clothings designed to never go out of style. Not only elegance for special occasions: they are emblems of style that remain in the wardrobe as investments, to focus on the future. Every man is able to wear them in any context, because wearing them makes feel good."