21 - 23 February 2021

Outdoor Survival Canada

Brand Profile

We proudly design, develop and hand sew all OSC products from start to finish in our factory in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. With a brand established in 2009, every OSC coat is built in-house by hand and backed by over 30 years of technical Down outerwear experience and tested through arctic expeditions. In this way, we are proud to bring you a modern brand with enduring quality and expertise you can count on. Season to season, unique technical features and attention to detail have made Outdoor Survival Canada an outerwear collection that has become synonymous with the true Canadian answer to cold weather.

We are deeply comitted to bringing only the finest craftmanship to our customers around the world and that starts with making all products at home in Canada. This approach enables us to consistently uphold the highest quality standards during handmade production and translates into a Premium product, not sold by the masses, rather by select retailers. Many of our highly skilled artisans have been with our company for over 20 years and theytake pride in each garment they make. The end result is a beautiful, handmade and exclusive product built to endure the most extreme conditions as well as withstand the test of time.


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