21 - 23 February 2021

Yes Zee

The Essenza of dressing

YES ZEE aims to offer a product with a great value for money, able to respond to the tastes of a cosmopolitan and modern consumer, developing collections rooted in the Italian culture and taste, with an eye constantly looking towards the new trends of the international fashion scene.

In a continually evolving market, YES ZEE aims to be a benchmark for multibrand shops around the world. YES ZEE, with its quality and its cost-effective products, it is positioned in the middle segment. Thanks to its simple and functional apparel, suitable for every situation, it can be part of the wardrobe of every man and woman.

YES ZEE collections are made for customers between 20 and 50 years old, who see in clothing a way to express themselves. Wearing YES ZEE means being open to change and keeping up with the latest trends. It means felling comfortable in any context, being dynamic and aiming to be essence of things.


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