Sustainable Style #2
The Movie "Wonderwall"
a Visual & ConsciousTrip with the use of GAN A.I technology
Edition 99
The immersive and experiential mini-film, directed by Alberto Maria Colombo, which presents the most iconic looks of the brand's protagonists of the second edition of Sustainable Style, the special project dedicated to the new responsible menswear curated by journalist and talent scouter Giorgia Cantarini. The title "Wonderwall" is a veiled homage to the psychedelia of Joe Massot's 1968 film, and through the use of a linked artificial intelligence technology - the GAN Generative Adversarial Networks algorithm, for the first time ever used in a fashion film - leads us to the discovery of different worlds, surreal and dreamlike world to experience the brands.

Pitti Uomo 99 presents the second edition  of the special project dedicated to the new sustainable menswear.  15 innovative brands, from Italy and the world,  that combine stylistic research, ethics, and low environmental impact

After the success of the first edition, last summer, Pitti Uomo 99 launches Sustainable Style # 2, the second episode of the special project curated by fashion journalist and talent scouter Giorgia Cantarini. The focus will be on 15 international talents, protagonists of the new responsible menswear. Emerging designers and brands from all over the world - from Perù to South Korea, from the United Kingdom to Thailand as well as Italy - capable of combining a strong and defined aesthetic language with environmental and social responsibility. With an approach in making fashion that is always oriented towards a quality product, based on excellent manufacturing standards, where certified fabrics, recycled fabrics and innovative hybrids are essential points of reference.

For some of them it is a return, for others a debut within the project. Here are the names:
DNI, Luca Kemkes, Flavia La Rocca, Ksenia Schnaider, KidsofBrokenFuture, Nous Etudions, Myar, Philip Huang, Raeburn, Reamerei, S.S. Daley, Uniforme Paris, Vitelli, Yatay e Young N Sang.

"There is no sustainability without style. This is the starting point of the project,” explains curator Giorgia Cantarini. "We must educate to subvert the idea that a responsible brand is not noteworthy. The eye is attracted to what it likes, so the design must strike. I don't think the world can change from one day to the next. It does so step by step. Sustainability represents the only possibility not to destroy the planet and our future. It is useless to ignore it. We start from responsible choices to build something beautiful, worthwhile and lasting over time”.

“We are inaugurating this second chapter of Sustainable Style with the desire and the idea to stimulate a strong reflection on the contemporary, and on the near future of fashion - comments Agostino Poletto, general manager of Pitti Immagine. “Sustainability and style are concepts that today more than ever must go hand in hand. Sustainable Style is therefore a great opportunity: for the brands we have selected to make themselves known, but at the same time it serves as an important incentive for those who make fashion today and want to project it into the future. We want to thank all the prestigious partners who accompany us in this project, starting from UniCredit, with which we have launched a collaboration precisely on these issues, and REDA, whose award gives these brands the opportunity to further develop their path.
The "Reda x Sustainable Style" Award goes to PHIPPS INTERNATIONAL

During the first edition of Sustainable Style, REDA, a Biella-based company leader in the production of sustainable fabrics in pure Merino wool founded in 1865, established the “Reda x Sustainable Style” award. The winner is Phipps International: the American designer Spencer Phipps will create a mini capsule for REWOOLUTION, the REDA Group's activewear brand in merino wool, designed for outdoor technical clothing aimed at sport and leisure. 

“Spencer Phipps will create a capsule collection that will include 5 pieces for a total menswear look - says Luca Martines, CEO of Reda Consumer. "The mini collection, with the label" Phipps International X Rewoolution ", combines the designer's great passion for the mountains and outdoor activities with the Rewoolution lines, with a nod to the 70s looks inspired by the famous film "All That Jazz" by Bob Fosse”.
Working with Rewoolution was a big project for me. Their team is made up of such experienced and knowledgeable people, with such an important history behind them. Together we tried to have fun and at the same time to think outside the box in developing the garments, to go a little further in the creation process.

— Spencer Phipps, designer


duo specialized in knitting, which fights against waste and supports Peruvian artisan communities.

Luca Kemkes

from Amsterdam, he recovers “bed” fabrics for romantic-nostalgic urban looks.

Flavia La Rocca

Italian based in Bordeaux, winner of the Green Carpet Fashion Awards in 2019, she works on the modularity of a minimal wardrobe in certified organic and / or recycled fabrics.

Ksenia Schnaider

Ukrainian, she has been reworking vintage denim and second-hand clothes from Kiev markets since 2011. In June 2020 she launched her menswear collection.


from Milan, between certifications and co-labs with activists, they represent a committed streetwear.

Nous Etudions

oversized minimalism for him and her, made of organic vegan materials, with already a vegan sneaker collab with Nike under the belt.


Italian brand founded by Andrea Rosso offering new military styles from stock of pre existing clothes. 

Philip Huang

from Thailand, combines design with ancestral techniques of natural dyeing done by Thai grandmothers who are experts in tye-dye. 


from London, since 2009 the functional style of Christopher Raeburn has been a pioneer of remade and outdoor fashion in an urban key. 


Italians, 100% regenerated or organic materials fighting to overcome the genres. 

S.S. Daley

British Steven Stokey-Daley plays with upcycling, re-explores traditions and breaks down gender barriers, an acclaimed talent chosen by international celebrities. 

Uniforme Paris

from France, reflects on the concept of authenticity and durability of the men's work uniform that becomes chic. 


knitwear made in Italy, artisanal Venetian production at km 0 with recycled yarns. 


Italian vegan sneakers, made with polymers extracted from corn and recycled rubber. 

Young N Sang

: from South Korea, pop codes and waste materials, for weaves and accessories never seen before, in a country where textile sustainability is not widespread yet.
Among the institutional partners of Sustainable Style, the collaboration with Global Fashion Agenda, a non-profit organization that works to raise awareness in the fashion industry on the subject of responsibility and push systemic change, with which new initiatives are planned. 

This edition sees the launch of a new exclusive collaboration with Bonotto: the Venetian textile company will select 5 talents for a BONOTTO x SUSTAINABLE STYLE capsule, to create a complete look, with the certified fabrics of the textile company, which is part of the Zegna Group. Creative Director Giovanni Bonotto will choose 5 favorites on Pitti Connect, and they will be given access to the wide selection of fabrics of the leading luxury company, already a supplier of many renowned brands in the fashion system. "Sustainability is unknown," says Giovanni Bonotto. "The wrong words are used to describe it, and non-sustainability is used to attain it. Many confuse it with the indulgences we would have to pay to secure ourselves to heaven (on earth). In any case, it concerns common sense, very little and precise, which turns into good meaning if we let go of the presumption of creating and destroying, and limit ourselves to transforming ... with style. I am happy to join this project to be able to welcome 5 Sustainable Style designers and create together a responsible fashion that looks to the future. A wardrobe with high design content and certified fabrics made to last over time. The true sustainable act is buying less and better".