16 July - 9 October 2020


True sustainability with coming home feeling

Products that last for years with proper care, are true sustainability for buttertea. 
The best fibers, manufactured by the last world-class luxury spinning mill into incomparable two-ply- yarns, are the basis for our products.
With these beautiful sustainable yarns we produce our products on hand knitting machines in Tuscany, where our yarns are also made.
Equipped with ecological labeling and stone nut buttons, which have been dyed with vegetable colors, corresponds to our understanding of true sustainability.
Since even the most valuable cashmere yarns tend to pilling in new condition, we offer our customers the opportunity to return their favorite items to us free of charge up to twice and we regenerate them to their fluffy, high-quality look and feel.
And if our customers want to take care of their products themselves, we offer an ecological shampoo that take care for the yarn and protect it from natural enemies.
And why buttertea? buttertea is the national drink of Mongolia and stands for the hospitality of the nomads, who take care for our goats which produce the best Cashmere fibers in the world.