16 July - 9 October 2020


Brand Profile

Marco Campomaggi began producing bags in 1983 almost for fun, out of pure instinct and taste for beauty. Equipped with few work tools, but guided by a strong passion and an innate creativity far from the traditional canons of the leather art, the designer produces from the start objects that respond to a personal taste and style. After years of experience and experimentation, during which the designer also collaborates with other brands, the early 2000s represent a turning point in which the market begins to recognize in Marco Campomaggi's creations the answer to an increasing demand for products designed by a creativity outside the box. Thus was born the Campomaggi brand. Campomaggi is the scent of leather, the skill of the hands that work the leather, the undisputed pro ‐ protagonist of all the collections. Season after season, the designer thinks, dreams and designs collections of bags, in which the manual skill of leather processing is combined with creativity, precision in details and the constant search for timeless beauty. Campomaggi bags are made with a particular manufacturing process that involves the production of bags in a refined 100% Italian natural and first-grain cowhide leather of unquestionable quality and resistant to time. This leather is subjected to vegetable tanning, through which the leather is not suffocated by chemical agents such as chromium, but is still 'alive', reactive and expresses its own 'will' during the production phase that must be followed, respected and enhanced. Our leather manufacturing process is completely natural, sustainable and is carried out with full respect for the environment. The craftsmanship is fundamental for Campomaggi, it is the human ingredient that makes each object unique, original and out of the box. A handmade product allows us to get in touch with the soul and history of its creator. From the stitching to the finishing, it is the hands of those who produce it that transfer to each Campomaggi bag the passion and emotion of those who touch, work and create every single item.


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