16 July - 9 October 2020


Brand Profile

Let’s present ourselves! 

Since we’re new to the fashion industry, we’ve been somehow compelled to bring something really new to this world. 

Gandhara was born just in 2018, in Vicenza, in the very heart of Veneto, North-East of Italy, basically focusing on two hallmarks: creating garments “Made in Italy” in every phase of the production; brand new, never seen patterns for sparkling swim shorts.

Gandhara leans on small and medium companies for every step of the production line: fabrics, print, accessories, packaging and tailoring are entirely made across Veneto and Lombardia, in the North of Italy.

Regarding our patterns, we had the inspiration while staring at art masterpieces conceived by men in different places and ages. If this sounds cool but not enough (and maybe not the first time it happens) we added the choice of experiencing shining effects like gold, silver and, for the next season, copper.

The outcome is a top quality garment, crafted in Italy and sparkling to the sunlight; something never seen before in the men’s beachwear world. 

We dedicate our shorts to a refined gentleman, a traveller, a person who loves to distinguish himself by wearing a top quality garment. A garment which lives up to expectations in terms of beauty and attention to detail, sure, but also in terms of what stays behind its creation. 

With a production line made of professionals, which firmly rejects exploitation of people and disrespect of the environment, we want to tell how fashion works for us: quality over quantity, basically; striving for a stop to futile and harmful consumerism.

A plus which, in our way, gives distinction and enhances the pleasure of wearing a garment made as it always should be. 


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