Exhibitors Spotlight:
Edition 101
KNT Is for “Gentlemen on the Go”

Exhibitors Spotlight focuses on a selection of brands exhibiting at this year's Pitti Uomo, showcasing their upcoming collections and special upcoming projects.

Kiton is renowned for being one of the highest quality tailoring brands in the world, backed by a wealth of expertise and the finest materials. KNT (Kiton New Textures) is an extension of such heritage — a new “urbanwear” label helmed by founder Antonio De Matteis’ twin sons, Mariano and Walter De Matteis.
“We grew up on milk and fabrics,” the De Matteis brothers explain when we sit down to discuss their FW22 collection. “We frequented the Kiton headquarters since childhood. After high school, we joined the company and spent a long apprenticeship under the supervision of our father. Then we started being involved in the production, retail, and style sectors, travelling and gaining experience in Kiton boutiques in the world’s major capital cities.”
They grew increasingly involved in the research and innovation of both fabrics and technology, a fascination that ultimately led to the creation of KNT. “The world changes so fast, we need to be careful observers of these new fashion trends in the respect of our roots and trying to develop tradition in a [way that is] coherent to the present and especially to the future. That’s the reason why KNT was born. It is a project that represents our concept of relaxed elegance and comfort keeping our DNA values; the uniqueness of the tailoring art and innovations in fabrics and materials.” 
This blend of heritage and future-leaning aesthetics is reflected through modern cuts and nonchalant structures that take inspiration from contemporary architecture and metropolitan culture. The upcoming FW22 collection incorporates textile patterns and silhouettes that speak to their appreciation for a minimalistic aesthetic and, the brothers note, “monochromatism and a-gender.”
The standout piece from FW22 is their refreshed take on the iconic double-breasted jacket: “The garment is featured by wide volumes and a loose fit. Each product is an expression of iconic Kiton fabrics, such as 14-micron wool, combed Italian cashmere, linen, and sea island cotton. These fabrics are created by the round looms that are usually used for weaving the finest quality of socks. The woven process ensures the creation of light, wraparound, naturally elastic fabrics, ideal for the gentleman on the go.”