Balancing our needs with those of the planet: the Ecoalf ethos
Edition 106
Ecoalf, a brand known for its commitment to sustainability, unveils its increasingly green innovations for Spring/Summer 2025. The brand is dedicated to protecting our most valuable resource, water, aiming to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 and supporting circularity in the fashion industry (having saved over 54 billion liters of water with its collections in the past 15 years).

For SS 2025, 68% of the collection is made from single-material fabrics to avoid landfill waste and maximize limited resources. After years of research and experience in processing recycled cotton, two new fabric types have been developed: Bamboula (Denisalf knit), with an organic texture, and Seersucker (Hailealf knit and trousers) featuring a characteristic crinkled surface, both offering lightness, breathability, and coolness. The new low-impact material, Ramie (Amaraalf shirt), provides linen-like breathability and moisture absorption using significantly less water than conventional cotton.

The collection is further enhanced with recycled linen in a range of trousers, shirts, and tops. Jackets made from recycled nylon feature garment dyeing and Tonello technology, minimizing water use and returning the used water to clean and unpolluted ecosystems.

Additionally, the brand introduces the new Mumbai sneaker, an athletic style interwoven with the iconic sea yarn, and the Ventura sneakers, which provide lightweight comfort with elegant vegan suede and a breathable lining. Completing the collection is the new line of Ocean Bag Tika, made from 100% "Ocean Yarn," plastic bottles retrieved from the sea floor and transformed into stylish bags.