Baracuta explores the archive and renews one of the most iconic garments ever: the G4. 
Edition 100
The original Baracuta G4 jacket is a model redesigned by the Millers, designed to offer an alternative and loose fit. A brother jacket of the G9, it presents an alternative shape, straight and wide, with a different cut than the wraparound elastic structure from the characteristic life of the G9. The coat is redesigned without the elastic waist and cuffs in order to guarantee freedom of movement and protection from the rain, offering a fit similar to the overshirt and to the family of the classic raincoat with the overcoat structure, yet still maintaining the iconic and immortal look of the Baracuta heritage.
Walter D’Aprile, nss co-founder and ceo, tells us G4 story in the video below.
The G4, produced in England with the utmost attention to the smallest details, a characteristic sign of all the Miller brothers' workmanship, presents the iconic slanted front pockets, the two buttons on the neck, and the characteristic and unmistakable water-repellent umbrella motif on the back . The G4, like the G9, stands out for its Fraser Tartan lining, an identifying element of the brand, granted to the Millers in 1938 by Lord Fraser, chief of the Lovats, a Baracuta hallmark on all the original garments.
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