Buyers Select:
Kevin Kafesu
Norse Projects
Edition 100
Buyers Select focuses on key buyers, who share their favorite pieces from Pitti Connect brands.

Next up in our Buyers Select brand breakdown, we speak to Kevin Kafesu, Head of Buying and Strategic Communications at Scandinavian flagship store Norse Projects. A UK native today based in Copenhagen, Kafesu’s career began on the shop floor, swiftly ascending both professionally and geographically, by relocating to Denmark.
With a keen eye for craftsmanship and a penchant for storytelling, Kafesu has customized his approach to fashion based on evocative curation and painstaking trend forecasting. He takes us through his favorite Pitti brands of the season.

Having discovered Hoka through my best friend, I quickly invested in a pair of Thor Ultra lows during a Japan trip. Even with a suitcase full of alternatives, Hoka proved to be the go-to shoe for my long journey, which required a lot of urban exploration. Versatile enough for the city and off-road trailing, Hoka has undeniably created a perfectly purpose-built footwear collection that fuses form and function.  

Upon joining Norse Projects, Paraboot was one of the first few brands I introduced to the Norse universe. Boasting a long history of craftsmanship, Paraboot is one of those brands that own a few silhouettes, and this made it easy to introduce the French shoemaker. Still made in France, utilizing some of the best leather and rubber materials, you are in no doubt that Paraboot can dress you up or down. To me, both the Michael and Chambord are obvious footwear staples that even a person who is in sneakers eight days a week can wear

True OGs never die! The Baracuta G9, not to be mistaken for the Drizzler worn by James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause, has been worn by nearly everyone, from rockstars and movie icons, to street gangs. Tom Ford even dressed Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace with his rendition of the iconic garment. It is a true British classic that has been copied numerous times, but never matched — it’s a garment that warrants the seal of a wardrobe staple, now and tomorrow.  

Capisci che il prodotto deve essere eccezionale quando lo slogan è "I vestiti nuovi dell'imperatore" – e Ten C lo conferma. Non sono un appassionato di riproduzioni, ma quando si parla di Ten C, mi sembra che si lascino influenzare dalle icone del menswear per chiedersi: "Come facciamo a renderlo 10 volte migliore?" E il loro concept modulare? Notevole!  

When I think button-down shirt, I think Gitman — possibly a biased opinion based on my long working relationship with the brand, but you just know what you are getting every time.  

A little bit of luxury is always good, and you may ask: what is luxury? For me, a product or experience with moral values espousing a humanistic approach, placing craftsmanship at the zenith while lending a moral dignity to both the artisan and the end-user is the true sign of luxury.  

For me, it’s easy to point out icons, and I’ll only do so purely based on the fact they’ve withstood time. When I think about Barbour, I guess raglan sleeves, corduroy collar, two lower rear vents, four pocket combination upfront, and a tartan lining. Many brands have taken the same design combination and re-appropriated it. Still, Barbour remains the original, and this is one jacket that you can find in their vast collection with different widths and lengths. 

Sartorial technical performance are the words that come to mind when introducing Herno Laminar. The contemporary hyper-functional line from Herno stitches everyday functionality for uncertain weather situations while looking elevated at the same time.

My go-to Clarks are a pair of Wallabee Chukka’s in Maple suede — nothing else! I first encountered the brand through the Wu-Tang Clan, of course, on Gravel Pit Method Man dropped. “Follow me, Wu-Tang gotta be the best thing since stocks in Clark Wallabees.” Since then, I have been a big fan of Clarks, and I think the Wallabee and Desert boots deserve a spot in the Rock Hall of fame for their contribution to the music industry.

At the advice of a friend, Mayan Raj, formerly of M5 showroom in NYC, I had a glance at Pitti some years back, and I was wowed by the quality of their print on silk fabrics. Since then, I haven’t encountered a brand that produces the same level of quality on silks.
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