Sun68, casual between details and research onto materials
Edition 100
For men and women, the new proposals represent a further step forward in the definition of a total look with a strong identity
Rethinking daily wear through casual clothes with a perfect contemporary equilibrium. The soul of Sun68 is equally expressed in both its men’s and women’s SS 2022 collections. 
For men, the starting point is the iconic clothes of the brand, Sun68 Everydaylife, an on-going line of polos, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and trousers with a completely renewed color palette, in line with the latest trends.  
The Heritage section instead takes its inspiration from the navy sailor world, characterized by a palette of colors that includes the classics of white, blue, and black, with the addition of a touch of beige and military green. To emphasize the sporty-chic mood even more, garments are characterized by contrasting graphic numerals.
70’s highlights instead characterize the Preppy collection: geometric fantasies with full colors, of artistic abstract inspiration, with unusual matchings of materials and patterns, like classic houndstooth printed on jersey, for a functional and modern look. An example are new trouser and jacket suits or overshirts, with all-over prints of stripes and checks. 
There are then Vintage influences, worn clothes with a summer spirit: “piece-dyed” garments are enriched by embroideries and printed patterns, while recalling the claim “Earth feeling” with a palette of natural and blended colors. 
Presented this year in a preview at the 100th edition of Pitti is the women’s Sun68 collection. Strongly characterized by color and modularity, it proposes two leading themes: the first, Colorful Summer, looks towards strong and vivid matchings, like fuchsia and orange or yellow with green; while the second, Natural Vibes, blends the most neutral and natural shades together.
The proposals of the total look allow everything to be easily mixed together, both in the matchings of color and models. The must-have item of the season is the blazer, proposed in different fabrics and colors or patterns, so it is versatile and easy to match with denim, sweats, or even the most classic trouser. 
The line of models remain simple and easy to wear, but with the addition of meticulous details and an attention to trendy garments. 
The claim “That’s Amore”, embroidered on denim and other details, more or less visible, of the clothes is the leitmotif that connects and fully expresses the mood of the entire collection inspired by optimism.