Edition 100
Observe the present and look to the future with new enthusiasm. SS 2022 concretizes this freshness of thought with an innovative proposal in textures and production. It is a wardrobe with a sustainable soul that chooses essential garments and accessories, materials and processes that respect the planet. Fishing nets, plastic bottles recovered from the ocean, textile waste but also the purity of organic cotton: eco-friendly fabrics are the protagonists. With the aim of reducing the environmental impact and raising awareness of a more informed consumption. In outerwear as in beachwear, there is space for virtuous techno-fabrics, often entirely biodegradable. To live in the moment, sending positive messages also for tomorrow.
Andrew & Cole
A clean look, animated by bright colors. Each garment is designed so that it can be combined with ease, within a comfortable look, amplified by cuts and materials. The new leisure shorts are also perfect for swimming. The fabric is light as a feather and dries in a few minutes, the interior is as soft as a glove. Usage material, recycled PET and ocean waste. Another important milestone for those who put sustainability among their main objectives.
A new top-of-the-range collection made of organic extra-long staple cotton from Egypt. Nile yarn is the first extra strong organic cotton produced by the Cottonforlife initiative. A project introduced by Filmar Spa to support and encourage the cultivation of Egyptian organic cotton. To create a completely eco-friendly and socially responsible textile industry.
Since its launch in 2015, the brand has focused on eco-friendly, vegan and completely handmade rope sandals. Available in the men's and women's collections, they are produced with high quality vegan materials, very light and long lasting. The unique comfort combined with the chic look makes them the must-have accessory of the season. Their style easily matches any outfit.
Broz & Broz
Monochrome & camouflage. These are the collection themes explored by a beachwear made of the best 100% polyamide nylon with coloring based on natural extracts of strawberry, orange, kiwi, cuttlefish ink, pear, ace, lime and wild berries, applied at low temperature, a technique that meets the best standards of respect for the environment. And then focus on Save the Water Kitotex, a technique based on the natural polymer chitosan, extracted from the food residues of the shrimp exoskeleton.
Canadian Capsule
Inspired by the lifestyle of the Canadian metropolis, Canadian is able to make garments and materials tested in outdoor practice credible in urban contexts. Jackets designed for hiking as well as for night clubs. A versatility made possible thanks to the selection of premium materials and research on models and fits. Research on sustainability is a milestone that has zero impact on the environment as its goal. For some time now, a selection of garments has already been produced with materials entirely derived from the recovery of plastic bottles.
Karl Lagerfeld
Parisian-inspired classics with a rock-chic attitude, for the Maison which is now led by Design Director Hun Kim. With the contribution of style advisor Carine Roitfeld, brand ambassador Sebastien Jondeau and style icon Amber Valletta, among others. Since 2019, KARL LAGERFELD has joined the Fashion Pact, a global sustainability initiative that aims to transform the fashion industry tfocusinf in in three areas: climate, biodiversity and protection of the oceans.
Re – Hash
Recognizable garments for the label "Re-HasH, Rethink-Recycle-Reduce". An eco-sustainable approach in denim fabrics but also in the choice of small parts: buttons, rivets and zips with low environmental impact in non-galvanized stainless steel. And then details green as salpe in recycled leather and organic cotton linings printed with eco-compatible water washes.
Red Sox Appeal
A collection that is a ticket for a sailing trip. The experimentation of new techniques meets the rediscovery of ancient materials and designs taken from the archive of the historic hosiery. The path towards sustainability continues with organic cotton as the protagonist in the "LuxurySport" capsule designed by Eco-designer Tiziano Guardini.
Bridge between tradition and innovation for an accessories collection that celebrates the 700th anniversary of the death of the great poet, Dante. From aluminum to paper, from plastic to leather, Regenesi gives new life to recovered materials, thanks to a metamorphosis that produce objects of desire. The concept of sustainable beauty informs sophisticated everyday objects. By transforming what remains of the consumer society into accessories with a timeless style. To make the world a better place, but also a more beautiful one.
Richard J. Brown
A faithful travel companion, denim develops new structures such as the jog pant with a comfortable fit, characterized by a drawstring waist without pence. Always protagonists, the combinations of cottons, jersey and lyocell. The palette is entirely inspired by nature: from sage green to military, from beige to ice, from clay red to blue in all its forms. New mineral dyes of environmental origin, which highlight an increasingly sustainable vision.
Ten C
The watchword is OJJ, Original Japanese Jersey. A distinctive fabric of the brand, it is made with high density knitted nylon and polyester fibers, wind resistant and water repellent. Thanks to the unique process of dyeing the product by applying pressure at high temperatures, the fabric has aging characteristics similar to denim.