Buyers Select:
Danny Stienen 
Edition 101
Buyers Select takes you behind the scenes of your favorite stores to meet the people who choose what you’ll be wearing this season.

“The uniforms of the American Army and other forces have always been a great passion of mine,” says FGF President and Blauer designer, Enzo Fusco. The appreciation of uniforms has been at the heart of the Blauer brand since it was founded in Bostom back in 1936. Originally, it was a technical clothing supplier, outfitting the police, the navy, and other armed forces with functional, quality garments. While Blauer looks much different today, its initial mission is evoked through every piece of clothing the label creates.

Antonioli’s philosophy is combining research, modernity, and forward-thinking, experimental design, an approach that is at the heart of the store. The designs and designers on display here absolutely reflect that approach: Rick Owens, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Off-White, Vetements, and Raf Simons, just to name a few. This is not a space for the fashion faint-hearted, but rather for customers who truly know their own taste. 
The sense of refined innovation and distinct selections is what makes Antonioli such a destination, often feeling more like an art gallery than a store. Curious to learn more about the selection process, we linked up with Antonioli’s senior buyer, Danny Stienen, before he heads to Pitti this year to check out the latest collections. The Dutch native has been working at Antonioli since 2010, starting his career on the shop floor and working his way up. Find our conversation below. 
What are the main aesthetic guidelines for your selection for Antonioli? 

Each season we are always looking for emerging designers to introduce to our selection in-store to educate our customers. Our customers are fashion-forward and are always looking for the more special items from the collections, for the niche products that you cannot find easily in other stores.
How would you describe the Antonioli customer? What trends resonate most with them?

[They are] avant-garde with a strong personal taste. They are always looking for special items such as runway looks.

What are you hoping to find at Pitti this year? 

New talents. Pitti is always presenting a lot of new designers from all over the world, which is unique in my opinion.
Which designer/brand are you most excited to see at Pitti this season? 

I haven't seen the schedule yet but for sure the Ann Demeulemeester event.
What would you say is the most exciting aspect of menswear today? 

More creativity, less graphics. The styling is becoming more important. There is more attention to the quality of the products and less logos/graphics.

What would you like to see more of/what do you think is lacking in contemporary menswear? 

A dress for men. Something that looks dressy but easy to wear that feels comfortable.
What clothes do you take with you to Pitti? Take us through your packing process.

Combat boots for daily use, coat, hoodie, cardigan, some T-shirts, and a beanie for the cold nights.

What’s your ultimate fashion staple? Why? 

An oversized hoodie. Lately, it's been cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon. It's an easy piece that you can wear or remove easily during the day with a t-shirt underneath.

What makes the Pitti experience special?

I love that they always organize some extra events and shows besides the tradeshow. It is a very international trade fair with people from all over the world.