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João Pedro de Vasconcelos
Wrong Weather
Edition 101
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Wrong Weather is more of a visual experience than a store. Since opening the doors back in 2009, founder, and CEO João Pedro de Vasconcelos has been turning the Porto multi-brand store into the Portuguese city’s ultimate menswear destination.
Over the last twelve years, Wrong Weather has positioned itself at the forefront of contemporary fashion thanks to its selection of international luxury brands — Jil Sander, Ambush, Off-White, A-Cold-Wall*, Ader Error, and Raf Simons, just to name a few — and up-and-coming young designers. All of these sit within a store that places as much emphasis on the curation of the space as it does on the pieces hanging within it. Thus, Wrong Weather is also a gallery, hosting works by some of the most exciting visual artists of our time.
Before he heads to Pitti this year, we sat down with Vasconcelos to understand more about his curation process and aesthetic approach. Find our conversation below.

What are the main aesthetic guidelines for your selection for Wrong Weather?

The aesthetic is the result, not the beginning. There is no predefined aesthetics for me. Fashion is change; a projection of the cultural movement of the time. The tastes of the individual due to social transformations change, obviously, too. It’s evolving. It’s a real-time process and there are many sub genres in the landscape — people like to identify with a group or a tribe and [that] makes it more complex, society is complex, too. When in the process of selection, [I] try to achieve that optimal line that will join the pieces together.
Which trends resonated most with your customers last season?

Last season was all about comfort. This season the consumer is also looking [to add] outstanding pieces to the wardrobe.
What are you hoping to find at Pitti this year? What will you be looking out for?

Reconnecting. I miss the human interaction. It has been too long without colleagues, shows, and openings. The cultural experience that [Pitti] brings is always outstanding.

What would you say is the most exciting aspect of menswear today?

Fluidity. Men are going through a new repositioning in society. A new social movement. Some barriers have been lifted so he is willing to experiment more. It’s really exciting to see this change.
What would you like to see more of/what do you think is lacking in contemporary menswear?

What it’s lacking is not just in menswear but all industry is sustainability. We all should be accountable for our own carbon footprint and not just pretend that is important. We have to make the change now. I don’t see it happening. It has to start from the top brands to make a profound change. At Wrong Weather, we have been very aware of our footprint and have been making good changes in our process. It’s a work in process.
What clothes do you take with you to Pitti? Take us through your packing process.

I have this process for traveling, I travel very light. For me, less is more. It also helps to do the packing day before traveling [so it’s] less stressful.

What’s your ultimate fashion staple? Why?

A bag. You need it!
What, in your view, makes the Pitti experience special?

The global fashion industry is in one place. The beautiful Florence and its culture. The Italian art of welcoming.