Buyers Select:
Uwe Maier
Bungalow Store
Edition 101
Buyers Select takes you behind the scenes of your favorite stores to meet the people who choose what you’ll be wearing this season.

When Uwe Maier founded the Bungalow Store in Stuttgart back in 2006, he opened the doors to one of the most important luxury fashion stores operating in Germany today. In the years that have passed, Bungalow continues to grow, now boasting two physical stores in Stuttgart, where Maier was born and raised, and an ever-expanding online store that’s stacked with the latest collections from international, contemporary designers.
The Bungalow Store philosophy is grounded in quality — quality materials and construction. That attention to detail forms the foundation of the multi-brand store, which then provides a platform for a wide range of classic, timeless designs and more experimental head-turning cuts and colors.
We caught up with Maier as part of our Buyers Select series to discover more about how he curates the Bungalow offering and what he’s looking forward to most at Pitti this year. Read our conversation below. 

What are the main aesthetic guidelines for your selection for Bungalow? 

When it comes to the aesthetic selection, I am primarily focused on the quality, the cut, and [making] a little understatement.
How would you describe the style of a Bungalow customer? What trends resonate most with them? 

Our customer is quality-conscious and perfectly fitted cuts are very important to them. Each new trend can be tailored to the personal preferences of our client.

What are you hoping to find at Pitti this year? What will you be looking out for?

I am looking forward to small brands and manufacturers with know-how along with impressive special skills.

Which designer/brand are you most excited to see at Pitti this season? Why? 

I am most excited about the evolution of the fashion trade fair, but of course also about new specialized brands.
What would you say is the most exciting aspect of menswear today? 

Suits are no longer a must in the industry! But looking good in streetwear can be a challenge. However, with the right mix of casual and sophisticated pieces, you get the new business look. 

What would you like to see more of/what do you think is lacking in contemporary menswear?

A good alternative to sneakers.
What clothes do you take with you to Pitti? Take us through your packing process. 

My clothing selection will be sporty and chic. Choosing the right kind of outfit is also very important because you never know what the weather conditions will be.

What's your ultimate fashion staple? Why? 

A good-fitting T-shirt in navy. It matches everything and always looks classy.
What, in your view, makes the Pitti experience special?

For me, Pitti is unique, diverse, and a very open-minded environment. Many brands from low budget to high end are present and fashion enthusiasts from all over the world meet there.