Buyers Select:
Giulio Cinque
Edition 102
Buyers Select is the series in which top buyers share their favorite proposals chosen from those of the brands of Pitti Immagine Uomo 102 and on Pitti Connect.

Founded by Giulio Cinque in 1982, retailer Giulio houses luxury and contemporary brands across menswear and womenswear. Dedicated to customers who are constantly on the hunt for 'newness', we spoke to Giulio Cinque about the brand aesthetic, style trends, menswear culture and more.
How would you describe the Giulio aesthetic?

Giulio is best described as the environment to come and be you, to discover things you never knew about yourself. Our knowledgeable teams are on hand to provide the performance you deserve, so you can experience the joy of taking home that amazing item that will make you the star of any event.
What shifts have you noticed in terms of trends post-pandemic?

The evolution of digital shopping has added a further dimension to the retail experience. Consumers are very up-to-date with the latest trends and expect them to be available immediately, so the retailer must also be well informed of product availability.  

What trend or style is resonating the most with you right now?

I have recently felt the need to return to my passion for tailoring. Street fashion has dominated the fashion scene for several years now and the recent pandemic has seen a desire for a more relaxed approach. However, post-pandemic, consumers are looking to update the formal section of their wardrobe – tailoring is filling that gap. There is also a huge demand for lifestyle pursuit brands. The pandemic gave rise to people's love of outside adventures, quality, and sustainability.
What trends and styles resonate the most with your customers?

The Giulio customer is used to frequently discovering newness in our stores. With the excitement to be seen in the latest must-have, our sales teams are always on the lookout for new arrivals to contact their ever-willing client.

What brings you back to pitti each year?

I am always keen on discovering new and emerging brands, this is where the excitement begins. I'm always on the lookout to offer items that provoke consumer expectations and challenge their creativity. 
What would you say is the most exciting aspect of menswear today?

Menswear today is more colourful and playful than ever before. Continued consumer confidence has encouraged designers to be more creative. Designers have dared to dream and typical menswear items have been taken apart, recut and remodelled. Consumers have more choice in how they want to express themselves and also who they want to be or be perceived on any occasion. The freedom of self-expression is never more evident than in menswear today.
What would you like to see more of/what do you think is lacking in luxury menswear?

Many great people are doing great things with design in our industry, but I believe we should consider the sales personnel who work day in, day out taking care of our clients – they need to be much better appreciated. Our front-of-house teams are the client gateway to all our efforts and we should do all we can to provide them with the tools and ability to execute clients' expectations today.

What’s your ultimate fashion staple and why?

My ultimate fashion staple is my wardrobe, which I am always adding to – my personality starts there. I discovered my love of fashion when I was sixteen, working on the shop floor in a menswear store in my hometown. In time, I realised a wardrobe says a lot about you. My belief is to always buy items that add to and complement my wardrobe, so I always have my favourite items there in case of a last-minute invite to a particular event. 
What, in your view, makes the PITTI experience special?

I have had a love affair with PITTI since my early twenties, the city has always been a constant inspiration to me – the wonderful architecture is a particular passion of mine. During PITTI Uomo, Florence turns into the world's largest catwalk. Buyers from all over the world come together in this romantic city to be a part of this extraordinary event. Nowhere in the world does one have the opportunity to see the world's interpretation of our amazing industry all under one roof, together with the amazing backdrop of Florence. 

I never want to miss a PITTI, the enormous effort to put on such an awesome event to showcase the best in fashion must not be underestimated. The opportunity to draw energy and inspiration while creating dreams always takes my breath away.

Great, thanks for your time!