Buyers Select:
Liberty Joy
The Store X
Edition 103
In its Buyers Select editorial series, Pitti Uomo links up with the world's top buyers to discover their AW23/24 trend predictions and favorite style picks.

First opened in Berlin in 2014, The Store X concept space occupies 10,000 square feet on the ground floor of the German capital's Soho House location. Since then, it has opened in Soho Farmhouse, in Oxfordshire, and 180 The Strand, in London, led by Creative Director Alex Eagle. A destination for both global and local clientele, The Store X is all about discovering something new: vintage selections, a carefully curated portfolio of brands, a unique collaboration with London's iconic vinyl specialist Phonica Records, as well as supper clubs, books, art exhibitions, and mid-century furniture collections. Clients are welcome to spend all day in-store, hanging out and enjoying everything on offer.

We spoke to buyer Liberty Joy about future trends, Pitti Uomo expectations, wardrobe must-haves and more.
Which trends do you think will dominate AW23-24? 

I think fashion is becoming increasingly focused on the quality and craft of clothing. Within that becomes a more individualised look about the shapes, details and flow of a garment. The fabrics used, help to shape the clothes, like Bottega’s use of leather to look like other fabrics within their SS23 collection. Brands are becoming more experimental with these fabrics and I think this will continue into AW23-24. The colour palette that designers choose creates the feeling of a new season, along with the texture and fabric. Our Creative Director Alex Eagle is a great example of a brand who encompasses all of this. Further, I think brands are looking back into their archives to gain inspiration and reconnect with the heritage of the brand. 
What are you most excited about Pitti Uomo this year? 

This is my first time at Pitti and I’m really excited to experience the fair and meet new brands and designers; they unite such a global and diverse view of the fashion market. 

Which designers, brands, and styles are you most looking forward to seeing at the fair, and why? 

I’ve always been a huge fan of Martine Rose and love seeing all of her new collections, so I’m excited to see the preview of her AW23-24 collection. The first thing I look at within garments is the details of it like silhouettes, shapes, fabrics and colours; so I’m interested to see how these are being developed for the new season. 
Is there anything that you consider a contemporary wardrobe must-have? Why? 

Suits and tailoring. It’s a unisex garment, that has historically always been prevalent within everyday dress and wear. Now, shapes and styles have changed and relaxed fit suiting is more prominent within womenswear, or even women wearing menswear suiting. It’s versatile, and dependant on styling and occasion, can be worn anywhere and everywhere. 

Personally, I prefer vintage suits as I love the shapes and the quality of them, with the added bonus of the history they have. I also collect vintage ties, and I think that the ties add a personal twist on the suit, bringing colour and pattern as you wish into the outfit. 

Are there any upcoming projects you'd like to share with us? 

The Store X is curating a number of art shows, all of which will have a range of fashion merchandise as an extension of the show. Our work with Ben Kelly, were we created our column art works and t-shirts, are an example of this. Ben was the original creator of The Hacienda Club in Manchester in the 1980s, who’s designs were an influence on Virgil Abloh’s Off-White. Recently, we did an art show which included Ib Kamara, the new Creative Director of Off-White. 
Do you have any essentials you won't leave behind when you come to Florence for Pitti Uomo? 

I never go anywhere without my Martine Rose square toe mules, vintage suits or ties. I love 80s punk rock bands and collect some tees, like The Police and The Clash. I also love my Birkenstocks and will definitely have a pair or two with me. 

Great, thank you so much for your time!