16 luglio - 9 ottobre 2020

Kids Of Broken Future

The Kids are Ready

KIDSOFBROKENFUTURE was launched in march 2019, KOBF is a sustainable brand, which means that all its processes and activities are sustainable.

KIDSOFBROKENFUTURE begins as a social criticism about our behaviour and its consequences for our future with an irreverent and revolutionary approach. Most future projections about our society do not foresee any evolution for humanity and our planet but a backward evolution. The “kids” want to differentiate themselves from the indifferent masses, this motivated us to become a contemporary sustainable brand and support different charities because we believe that we need to give a conscious message.

KIDSOFBROKENFUTURE uses organic or recycled fabrics such as upcycled marine plastic. It does not use any chemicals nor animal products in its garments. The brand ships in a carbon neutral way in order to offset the climate impact of each shipment.

KIDSOFBROKENFUTURE plants trees all around the world and supports sustainable activities like Wires, Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organization.

KIDSOFBROKENFUTURE supports a charity called Street Child in Nigeria and Sierra Leone. “Globally, millions of children live, sleep or survive on the streets - because of conflict, crisis or poverty. Without support, they face danger and violence and are a long way from going to school. We want to support thousands more children off the streets and into school. We want to give thousands more children the chance of a brighter future”.

The brand has a special connection with the world of art. Each season is the result of the collaboration with an artist that shares the brand’s values and identity together with the aesthetic and creativity of that collection.