Edition 103
The new frontiers of design lifestyle at Pitti Uomo
Pitti Uomo launches the SIGN in collaboration with Ghost Studio. A new special area dedicated to the most innovative and unexpected objects and furnishings, but also a unique opportunity for buyers and exhibitors. With its highly creative selection, the SIGN awaits you in the Sala delle Nazioni, inside the itinerary of the Superstyling section devoted to the fair’s experimental collections.  Here are some of the brands that will inspire you. 
“Walking around things before they exist”.
Robi Renzi is a hybrid of different skills: cabinetmaker, ceramicist and dreamer of timeless objects. The density of the material brings to life an idea in pieces that tell a story. Creating becomes an ethical and esthetic experience. So, the "Beauty after the crack" line is the result of an incident at the starting shape. The collision produces wonder: beauty after the shock.

The layout, the structure, the furniture speaks before the printed sheet or a video, because in a physical event the glimpse is the master and already tells a story”.
In Japanese Sekkei means design, plan or arrangement.  From environmental to human and social sustainability: the founders originate from a craft heritage.  Expert hands that act as a vehicle for sustainability through the simplicity of a drawing on cardboard or a well-studied plan, never derogating from beauty.

A perfect synthesis of artistic sculpture and industrial production, created in polyethylene”.  
Bunny and Cosmo Bunny are sculptures generated by the talent of the Japanese artist Aki Kuroda with the Yoyo Maeght gallery. The rooms are filled with big ears and dazed expressions.  SLIDE was created in Buccinasco (MI) by Giò Colonna Romano, an expert in the processing of plastic materials.  A pop soul and essential style, an indoor and outdoor Made in Italy line, lights and furnishings in collaboration with prestigious designers.  
“Each shape comes to life with a breath: the glass is blown into the empty cast iron mold and comes out modelled into shapes”.  
A design studio based in Florence, Studio Bojola created the Cristallo collection to shine the light on the archive of an historic glassworks which has been active in the Empoli area since 1945.  The project is based on the idea of a collection that exalts pure crystal.  The rough shape is interpreted in its entirety, the color and radiance are blended into a new body.
The House of Lyria
“The fabric should look lived-in.  I want to transmit its soul”.  
In Prato, Riccardo Bruni, artist and fabric designer, is inspired by childhood memories, family heirlooms, pictures in books, fragments of journeys.  An art rooted in experimentation, a blend of craftmanship and ongoing research.  The focus is on natural fibers like wool, linen and cotton, presented through innovative combinations.  The colors are natural, obtained from organic sources: coffee, tea or ash. 
“Backed by a history of excellence”.  
Born out of thirty years of experience, True Design is inspired by new ergonomics and the reconfiguration possibilities offered by combinations of modular elements.  Thanks to the founders, Alessandro and Lorenzo Maniero, Made in Italy furniture brands for work spaces, lounges, hospitality venues and the home celebrate the esthetic and functional quality of their products.  All developed by names like Orlandini Design, Defne Koz, Favaretto and Partners, Parisotto+Formenton, E-ggs and Claesson Koivisto Rune.
C'è un Bidone per ogni ambiente. Dalla cucina alla camera da letto, passando per bagno, terrazza e giardino – A Bidone bin for each space. From the kitchen to the bedroom, passing through the bathroom, terrace and garden”.
Furniture sets with an industrial style derived from the recovery of steel packaging waste, Bidone bins become multiuse objects thanks to attentive craft workmanship. A line that interprets various shapes and colors on chairs, tables, containers, object holders, change trays or chromatic elements.  
“C'è una preghiera in imperfetto latinorum, e un'acquasantiera per tutti! There’s a prayer in imperfect latinorum, and a stoup for everyone!”. At the height of the pandemic, Paola and Matteo created a proposal of “prêt-à-porter saints” on plates, ashtrays, pictures and other common everyday objects. Celebrating, by way of creative graphics, those who are most deserving. A democratic and pop religion, where the body is a fried doughnut, and the wine becomes a gin and tonic.  
“A product may go out of vogue, but an idea is timeless”.
This is the concept of the artistic duo made up by Portuguese designer Nicolau dos Santos and French-Italian art director Stephanie Blanchard. IAMMI reinvents objects for daily use to reveal their hidden sides in collections and unique pieces, but also in made-to-measure items. As is true of the B-fora vase, a vase with feminine features, which reveals the B-side of traditional Amphora.   
A collection of “LED writings made up by 60% luminosity and 40% insults”.
Insulti Luminosi is a small Milan reality that combines light with cynicism. From this cocktail arise Luminous Products, creations with a high degree of craftsmanship, also available in personalized versions. For admiring in the dark.  
Dal caos dei materiali industriali diamo vita ad arredi equilibrati e minimali in attesa di essere situati - From industrial materials chaos we create balanced and minimal furniture waiting to be situated”.
Eco-friendly furniture born from metal, crafted in Italy, and translated into a blending of aesthetics and function. The stylistic calling card is the special folding that eliminates welding from the productive process and makes every object iconic. A process that allows for a savings both in terms of material consumption and waste. Brand new to the product range is a mirror.