WP Lavori in Corso opens the doors of its virtual showroom: from Barbour to Baracuta, an interactive tour to discover the new collections
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The Italian company with an international portfolio of iconic brands uses immersive technology to optimize the scouting experience and presents itself through the words of brand manager, Luigi Bucci.

Could you describe the concept of WP Lavori in Corso? 

Pioneering and innovation are the two words with which you could summarize the philosophy of WP Lavori In Corso – a company that works in the field of buying and distribution, yes, but that has also developed over the years a unique concept of retail and from the beginning looks to the lifestyle category with an all-around approach. 

How and when was WP born? 

WP was founded in 1982 by Giuseppe Calori and his daughter Cristina in Bologna, a city where it still maintains its historic headquarters today. The goal of WP Lavori In Corso is the search for a lifestyle, a mindset oriented towards the high performance of its products, through a selection of brands still unknown in Italy at the time of the foundation but that would have influenced the fate of fashion in our country. The research in the selection of the product is flanked by a vision of retail close, for aesthetics and intentions, to the imagery of the American general store and trying to make the store a cultural space that spread the language and aesthetics of the founders through the model of licensing, distribution and retail.
Thanks to its buyers, sent in search of all those products that Italian consumers did not even know they wanted, WP Lavori In Corso brought the Vans, Woolrich's parkas, Harley Davidson biker jackets, Barbour and Baracuta coats and Kiehl's Pharmacy creams to Italy. Over the years, Paraboot, Converse, Sebago, Nanamica, Beams+, New Balance and LC23 were added to the list of those brands – all companies selected and told according to that storytelling focused on celebrating a lifestyle of which the various products were an event, and organizing retail spaces that mixed photography, cosmetics, design, books and clothes. A way of looking through fashion to go beyond fashion, lowering it into a context that celebrated vintage and modernity and working as real explorers and importers of a stylistic language and a culture that, before them, had never arrived in Italy. 
What does WP mean in terms of retail development today?
Today, WP Lavori In Corso has refined and developed even more its model, with thirty years of experience, opening 9 WP Stores, 3 boutiques dedicated to Barbour and one dedicated to Baracuta, and plans to expand, bringing to all corners of the industry its search for quality, its multicultural optics and its winning business model.

What is Baracuta for WP among all WP distributed brands?

Baracuta is not only one of the brands distributed by Wp Lavori in Corso, but it represents a dream, a project and a passion for the male outerwear that finds in the G9 its synthetic form par excellence. The jacket of all jackets that revolutionised the first jacket.  A brand born in 1937, which allows you to move freely, ensuring an exceptional fit, remaining perfect even in rainy conditions. Cristina Calori and our team dedicate a lot of energy to the development of Baracuta because we believe in an object capable of transmitting the value of the past into the future.
What will Baracuta come up with for 2021 2022?
We never stop. We aim to make five collaborations with compatible brands, currently under embargo, made of exceptional people ready to innovate and work on research in materials, technique and especially in our archive that never ceases to generate inspiration for the models of future collections.
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