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A Male Portrait
Edition 99
A project by Pitti Immagine Uomo and Rinascente
15 Florentine people by birth or by choice 
Portraits in black and white by Aldo Fallai
If a portrait resolves the beholder's gaze into that of the one being looked at, for Aldo Fallai this synthesis is lightning-fast, and the blink of an eye is a click. He has the ability to immediately understand a person and their personality and tell it in black and white. Perhaps this is due to his artistic studies – he has been cultivating his passion for sculpture and painting all along – or his devilish character, silent, thoughtful, but peacefully irreverent. Or perhaps, again, it is just his authentic Florentine nature. Portraits and fashion are the two focal points around which his professional history develops: his continuous work with Giorgio Armani, the collaborations with fashion magazines, the ability to describe fabrics and draperies as if they were high-reliefs or bas-reliefs, the black and white palette, taking on infinite nuances.
Being a Florentine means...
Alex Lana
‘becoming used to beauty. Setting your internal dial to appreciate beauty and the local know how’
Tommaso Sacchi
assessore cultura, moda, relazioni esterne, design
‘carrying the responsability of the past with a desire for future.'
Eike Schmidt
director Galleria degli Uffizi
‘feeling like a Florentine even though you were not born in Florence: choices, honor, enjoyment and the advantage of not belonging to either opposing faction, the Guelphs or the Ghibellines.’
Raffaello Napoleone
ceo Pitti Immagine
‘living in a stunning place that succeeds in making its extraordinary history interact with the present. Wherefashion can take the stage like nowhere else in the world.'
Daniele Cavalli
creative director and entrepreneur
‘idealizing the past in order to fall in love with the future.’
Maurizio Lombardi
‘an act of responsability.’
Lamberto Frescobaldi
agricultural entrepreneur
‘honor, respect, pride, living in a city of art and in a landscape designed wisely by men.‘
Marco Casamonti
‘I'll quote Michelangelo: having a good eye for distances.’
Moise Turahirwa
student at Polimoda, Collection Design Master course
‘being creative.’
Tom Richards
painter and lecturer at the Florence Academy of Art
‘making a dream come true. At fourteen I told myself: I'd like to be painter living in Florence.’
‘provoking a wonderful city that is unfairly disseminated with traffic signs, directional marks, signboards and a total lack of harmony. A city of art that does not do enough for art.’
Matteo Gioli
hat designer
‘being born a second time. It's here that I realized my plans and started my business.’
Simone Taddei
leather craftsman artigiano
‘life surrounded by art and history. Always feeling inspired by the city.’
Massimo Pettini
Boboli Garden botanic curator
’being a slave to the beauty of Florence and to the Oltrarno quarter in particular.’
Alessandro Benedetti
secretary general of the Meyer Children's Hospital Foundation
‘being immersed in both social life and solidarity.’