Buyers Select:
Tomohiro Inaba
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Buyers Select focuses on key buyers, who share their ten favourite pieces from Pitti Connect brands.

Tomohiro Inaba joined Tokyo’s essential shopping destination Isetan Shinjuku in 2010. With over 10 years of experience in the company, Inaba has been working as a buyer since 2018, buying the latest brands from across the world.
From the functional design of Herno to the made in Italy excellence of Brunello Cucinelli, Inaba expands on his 10 favorite pieces from Pitti Connect brands.

Herno is praised for all aspects of its design, as well as its functionality, history, the background of the brand, and its sustainable design. Their practical products are very popular every season.


It's no doubt that Brunello Cucinelli is one of the highest quality brands in Italy. We feel that the white and grey combination of the latest season brings something new to them.


Lardini is one of the best-selling brands in Japan, their jacket is one of the masterpieces which makes a person looks smart and cool. Its presentation at Pitti Uomo impresses me deeply every season.


Caruso's quality is reliable, coming from its long history as an artisan. Their expression is always fresh and modern, it's fascinated us every season.

I involve myself in classic and traditional items. G9 is one of the idealistic items for me. We have a G9 with corduroy and other new fabric from the new season's lookbook. It's a breath of fresh air.


I can’t express myself without the trench of Hevò. It's created very modern and light with a classic inside.

Kiton provides us not only the best quality, but also supplies the best quality fabrics. We can't help admitting that they're the one and only brand in the world.

The historical brand leads the Japanese market in any age. Its richness and maturity are loved through every kind of style.   


This brand selects materials from Japanese fabrics that concern the environment. It suits the current times very well.  

Wallabee is one of the characteristic items of Clarks and it’s loved for a long time. This season's tone on tone with the tint color of color is fresh and new.
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