Sustainable Style: Vitelli
Edition 99
VITELLI's locally handmade Italian knitwear

In its handmade, all-Italian knitwear from recovered local yarns, Vitelli combines a contemporary design, youth (counter)culture, and zero-impact practices collaborating with family-owned independent factories.

Brand: Vitelli
Designers: Mauro Simionato and Giulia Bortoli

Based in: Milan, Italy

Inspirations: Knitwear collections inspired by the history of youth culture in Italy, "stile italiano" reinterpreted in a contemporary key.
Style: Italian luxury knitwear, with a vintage and nostalgic feel, made in collaboration with independent local factories and through sustainable production processes. Since 2019, Vitelli has offered non-binary and zero-impact collections: its Doomboh garments are obtained with recycled yarns, collected locally from the Vicenza district.
Passions: Italian and European music, the 80s club scene, electronics but also punk, dark and psychedelic.
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