Walk Through:
Nouvelle Prep
Edition 100
Tied by a unified style story, Walk Through is a themed focus on key pieces from brands exhibiting on Pitti Connect’s digital platform.

This year’s sartorial interplays have bred audacious hybrid trends, cautiously avoiding nostalgia-ridden reiterations of past ideas in favor of up-cycled, refashioned concepts that honor their roots whilst nurturing a contemporary sensibility. 

Still enjoying the heights of summer yet gearing up for the fall, the menswear circuit has deepened and polished its understanding of business and casualwear — two increasingly intertwined styles, demonstrating that down-to-earth and put together are no longer ready-to-wear antonyms. For the last installment of our Walk Through round-up, we look at the brands putting a fresh, edgy and current spin on the classic preppy allure. 

With over 30 years of experience in high-end leather manufacturing, Salvatore Santoro has built a reputation for the technical skill and astute aesthetic sense channeled into the brand’s painstakingly produced jackets and furs, each made unique by the use of raw materials and unique textures. 

Launched by designers Franco Santarini and Simonetta Bocelli, the Italian label creates carefully manufactured and uniquely designed collections of tailored knitwear, produced in Italy’s Marche region — merging the archetypes of classic tailoring with knitwear’s most innovative techniques for a laid back effect, and a feeling of complete freedom and comfort. 

Founded in 2012 by an established trouser designer, Maurizio Massimino’s eponymous label has carved a reputation for revolutionizing classic wardrobe staples such as tailored trousers and jeans, transforming them into nothing short of new classics. 

Known to be unrivaled in the art of mixing, juxtaposing, and combining prints, designer Pierre-Louis Mascia first began his career as a fashion illustrator working for the likes of American Vogue and Elle. Ever since launching his namesake brand in 2007, Mascia has reimagined luxuriously versatile lounge and leisurewear produced by reconciling technology, savoir-faire, and craftsmanship for emotionally charged garments. 

Inspired by history, the Italian brand takes its name from one of the very first materials from which the blue denim eventually resulted — a canvas originating from the textile-rich city of Genoa, in the 16th century. Today, the Italian denim and casualwear label continues to focus on treating each garment as an artifact. 

Founded in 1973, the label started off as a family business in the region of Tuscany. Today, the brand produces high-quality, meticulously manufactured knitwear in a variety of fabrics including wool, cashmere, merino wool, and linen for summer. 

A self-professed “design lab for the classics”, American label Rowing Blazers was founded by Jack Carlson and aims to infuse the classic ‘prep’ or Oxbridge sartorial style with humor, irreverence, and a hint of irony — all whilst ensuring each garment is made to last a lifetime. 

East London-based label Percival imaginatively seeks to subvert classic, understated, and quintessentially British menswear staples by defying trends and adding a funky touch to each design. 

The label founded by David Obadia believes true luxury doesn’t stem from opulence as much as it does from traceability, quality, authenticity and the highest quality of manufacturing — simplicity, spontaneity, and creativity are paramount for the Paris-based brand seeking to produce timeless designs for the contemporary wardrobe. 
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