Pitti Fits
The Best Of Pitti Uomo 101
Edition 101
For half a century, Pitti Uomo has celebrated the creme de la creme of menswear. Twice per year, menswear devotees descend on Florence, Italy, flocking to the city’s Fortezza de Basso to feast on the season’s latest offerings, admiring the creations from established designers and up-and-coming brands from around the globe. 
As the industry’s most important trade show, Pitti has always been a crucial element of the fashion calendar — but it’s as much about the enthusiasts in attendance as it is about the shows and exhibits themselves. 

Off the runway, the event is still something of a menswear marathon, providing the perfect opportunity and excuse (not that an excuse is needed) to show off the best tailoring hanging in your closet. Of course, what that tailoring looks like in reality has evolved over the years. While the aesthetic of the Pitti crowd remains suited, it’s the connotation of the suit — what it looks like, how it feels, how it's styled — that changes from season to season. It’s the adaptability of the suit that makes it such an interesting and universal vessel for self expression; sometimes acting as the foundation of a look that finds its head-turning queues from the accessories it’s paired with; sometimes it’s the main act; sometimes it’s just one element, the pants or the blazer, separated and used to level up a look. 

These varying factors make for extremely fun street style spotting. In the surrounding gallery, we’ve selected a number of our favorite looks as seen in the Pitti crowd over the last few years. As you’ll note, all of these shots incorporate traditional tailoring in some way or another, but with a twist. Perhaps it’s a jacket paired with two-tone shades, lending an otherworldly, sci-fi aesthetic to an otherwise muted fit. Or maybe it’s a structured, boxy Prada shirt covered in Frankenstein print, an embroidered vintage waistcoat, or completely different suits styled together, letting the contrasting checkered prints speak for themselves. 

Whatever it may be, hopefully there are some looks in here that will help you gather inspiration for your next Pitti fit. See you there!